Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Civil War Bride finish...

Yippee!!  I've joined Susi in the celebratory glass of wine!  The top is finished and I plan to baste it tomorrow in preparation for hand quilting.  I'm sorry the picture is so would no longer fit on my design wall in the basement and I tried to pin it up in the shop classroom for a picture, but the lighting was not as good as I had hoped.  I will try for better lighting with the next post.

I wanted blank places to feature hand quilting, so I decided to draw my own borders using a few of Corliss's motifs and doing a few of my own. 

Even though I made changes to Corliss's pattern to better reflect my family, I will be forever grateful to her for making this wonderful pattern.  It has been a great journey through the blocks...I've had input from the husband, the daughter, and countless talented quilting friends.  It has taken a village and I really appreciate all the input from them, all the ladies participating on this blog and the quilt blogging community as a whole.  Thank you Lizzie for this great quilting community!

Now...who will have finish number 3?????

In stitches,
Teresa  :o)


  1. Teresa, congratulations!!! Woo hoo, you did it! It's beautiful. I love your version of very much - Hugs Nat

  2. congratulation! I love it!
    fair and beautiful!
    Greetings from Sabine from Germany

  3. I would hazard a guess that it will be a while before we have another finish, our two 'overachievers' have done their bit! LOL! Seriously though, you've done a fabulous job Teresa, it looks amazing. Can't wait to see it quilted. Wish we could have a little exhibition at the end of this, perhaps in cyber space??

  4. Congratulations Teresa. The quilt is so beautiful. Hugs, Jeanette

  5. Teresa a wonderful result. The quilt is truly a reflection of the original and continues the intention of this style of quilt into the 21st C You have preserved and updated the tradition.

    Well Done It is beautiful in it's own right.

    Huggs for finishing Terry

  6. my dear teresa,wonderful job,and lizzie,i don`t want this blog stop forever,hope we find another quilt stitching together,it is so inspiring,i will stay here,with love ,susi

  7. Teresa, congratulations!!! it is absolutly, I love how you added sashing to the blocks..and the borders..
    Julia ♥

  8. Hooray again, Congrats Teresa, your quilt is beautiful. I love the fruits you reflected in the border, including the pumpkin. I also love the way you got the year and your initials in there. Do keep posting as you progress with the hand quilting.

    Happy Sewing


  9. Outstanding, Teresa! Great journey wasn't it? Would love to see your quilting since you've left room for it. Keep us posted!

  10. Love the border. School holidays soon, maybe I'll get one more leaf done - have done the grand total of 2 so far!!!

  11. I love your quilt,truly gorgeous and you were so creative! The border is perfect with your blocks! Sharonj

  12. Your quilt is beautiful Teresa! I really like the sashing and the border is lovely.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! You did yourself proud.


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