Monday, March 29, 2010

A Deadline..........

Hi everyone, it's been ages since I posted here I know and I haven't even got a progress photo to show you!! I've been busy, busy, busy with other things...........!! I just wanted to say welcome to all the new ladies who've joined us since Christmas, it's lovely to 'see' new faces. I'm still getting joining requests a couple of times a month which is fabulous and amazing! I've probably said it before but I still get blown away by the response to this blog/group. Congratulations Susi and Teresa, finishing your tops, wow! You did such a great job both of you, we all can't wait now to see them quilted (no pressure there of course girls), such inspirations the two of you. Oh yes, the 'deadline' title!!! Well yesterday I was talking to Lorraine from Bizarre Quilter at my local quilt show and we made a decision to finish both our CWBQs in two years (sorry Lorraine, didn't I say I was going to publish it? Lol!) and display/enter them into the 2012 show here at Ballan, together! Now is that a challenge or what?? Actually, I'm really happy with that, having a little local challenge/deadline in such a global group is wonderful isn't it?? 24 months to do 11 more blocks and the borders! When I started this journey last July I said that I didn't want this quilt to become another UFO, tucked away on a shelf, waiting for me to finally finish it!! Unlike Teresa and Susi ( I have so much admiration for both of you) I can't dedicate myself to one project alone, I find that I have to flit around, start different things, do a bit of this and a touch of that all at the same time! I get itchy fingers and a twitch in my eye when I see new projects ;o)!!! The challenge for Lorraine and I is to finish by 2012, but realistically I know that if we don't, we will both still be OK with that! Won't we Lorraine?? So here's another little challenge, all you ladies (you know who you are) that haven't started yet, jump on in, do a block and let us all see what you're up to!! Go on, you can do it, we know you can.........!!!


  1. Oh dear yes I must get back to mine as I only have finished one block.


  2. I still want to do this quilt, on my must do list!have to wait a while but my birthday is coming up, and i have told my hubby, I will keep lusting after all the pics in the meantime.

  3. Good for you and Lorraine, it is good to have a goal and what is better than a quilt show and 24 months, I'm sure you can do it.
    I know how it is to flit around, I'm like that. But I love my CWB blocks even though I have only done two, my third almost finished.

    Take care

  4. dear lizzie,thank you so much,i can good understand that one can`t sew only this quilt until it is finished,i made myself three other quilts,while sewing on the cwbq,i have always diffrent things in my hands,too.but i loved this quilt so much,that i had to finish it,keep on stitching girls,it is worth the time and the work,susi

  5. Yep...a local quilt show deadline is just the ticket. My local deadline is April 25, THIS YEAR (insane...) when I have to drive my quilt 90 minutes south to northwest Ohio for the Sauder Village quilt show registration/check in.

    I managed to do a couple of other things since last October when I started the Civil War Bride journey. And just today I finished my 17 liberated lady blocks for our group's swap!

    What I haven't been doing is HOUSEWORK!!!!! LOL

    I have posted a betting pool on my blog. Go on and guess the date and time I will finish this quilt before April 25. The person closest to the actual time I keel over from exhaustion and exhilaration will win!!

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! (that is a scream...I have lost my mind!!)

    I'm looking forward to seeing blocks from Lizzie, Lorraine and anyone else that takes the challenge!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. Ooh!! I am just sooo ready for that challenge. That's one block every 6 weeks for the next 2 years... I am so glad we challenged each other Lizzie. Thank you. I can't actually get my skates on until about June... Then, I can work on my CWBQ again... VBG.

  7. Such a beautiful quilt, you are all so dedicated, but I can see why, it must call to you to finish the panel you are on, or start another one. Linda:)

  8. Deadlines are a good thing. I have a deadline for my Dear Jane quilt and so far so good. Slowly, I am making deadlines for other projects. I too like to do a bit of this and a touch of that all at the same time. That is what makes me happy. As long as it doesn't take the joy out of doing something, I'm all for deadlines.

  9. Oh, Lizzie I almost missed this post. I have been busy busy as well including a holiday away. I must tell you that I missed working on the CWB quilt and will pick it up tonight after I get home hahaha! Two year wow, can I turn it into mini quilt please? I love challenge and this will be a big challenge to take. I will try though. Well done Teresa and Susi, you are inspirers for me to keep stitching - Hugs Nat


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