Friday, March 12, 2010

Grapes galore...

Had a great time finishing up this block at a quilt retreat that I attended this past weekend. Not much to say about this block, except lots of curves on the leaves and circles! Here's a secret: On the bird's right wing, the print was distracting so I took a small piece of same fabric and covered the distracting design and gave the wing a "cleaner" look. Can't tell, can you?


  1. Mona,

    How beautiful! I just love the bird. Great job.

    Blissfully Stitching,

  2. Oh Mona, I love it, love your colours too. I know that not many people likes this block, I really like it. I like the simplicity of this block. I love the way the bird swooping down and I particularly like your bird - Hugs Nat

  3. I hear what Nat is saying, I am one of those that didn't enjoy this block, but Oh My Gosh, I love your block. I think it must be the different colour way. I did mine in the purples of the original and I don't like purple - at all!! Lesson learnt, don't like it - don't use it!!
    It's really beautiful Mona and you have to be told to know that you have an extra piece on the birds wing. Well done.

  4. That block is absolutely stunning! I love the colors, love the pieced background, love the bird - love everything about it! Your applique skills are great, too. Just beautiful!

  5. I looked as closely as I could and I couldn't see anything different about the wing :0) I love the fabric you chose for the bird - its wild!

  6. dear mona,wonderful block,and the bird is great,have a nice weekend stitching,susi

  7. okay mona.. you have got my motion in gear..just love your fabric choices it just makes this block live!!
    I have all my background cut just need to sit and pick the your creative fabric choices Mona..great incentive!!

  8. Mona your block is the essence of late summer in the warm vinyard. Really impressive.
    Reminds me of the Rutherglen valley in Victoria.

    I am inspired to return to my block. It is all cut out but I'm lagging behind.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. What a brave choice of fabric for the bird, and how spectacular it turned out! Bravo! Michele

  10. Mona, this block looks like a work of art. The bird is very creative on a 4-part background, the leaves and grapes are quite varied, but in the same color scheme--I think you have a winner here.

  11. Beautiful Mona! This is one of my favourite blocks. I love your bird and the green grapes.

  12. Oh Wow Mona, that bird is stunning! I am in awe.

    Happy Sewing

  13. Oh Mona, this is so beautiful!! How did you know that the bird fabric would be so dramatic? It is really a powerful choice. Your circles are so perfect. I looked close and can't tell you performed any magic on the wing. It's simply a masterful block.

    I love watching everyone's progress on this quilt!

  14. I am in awe of all of you that are making this pattern. I take it that most of you have lots of experience with applique. I would like to make at least one applique quilt but haven't found a pattern I like. I think that this quilt looks awesome both with and without a border.

  15. Stunning, stunning, STUNNING!!!!

  16. Hi Mona

    I love love love your bird.


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