Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New CWBQ Started

After my false start with those ostrich toes, I have my first two blocks finished. It took me a little while to decide what method of applique I wanted to use and then a little while longer to get my needle turn skills brought back up to par, but I am now under way and enjoying the process. I just love the way the applique fills each block in this quilt. I am well into my third block and would like to get another one prepared. I kind of like having a couple blocks going at a time so I can switch back and forth if I get tired of doing one thing. So for now... Happy Stitching all Cheri


  1. Gorgeous Cheri, I love your bird fabric, good job we have Teresa and Susi to spur us along isn't it..? LOL!

  2. love your blocks,and the fabrics you chose,happy stitching,susi

  3. Well Done what do you mean false start? I also started with the ostriches in oh about August and have the vines almost done on the grapes block. My third in a series of ? don't know.

    Your going great guns. Enjoy Terry

  4. Awesome Cheri!! I love the ostriches and the grapes/bird. Your background fabric is a great choice and your colors are great...I especially love the pink flowers. Looks to me like your stitching is more than up to speed!

    Just keep having fun, one block at a time. Have you heard the old question, "how do you eat an elephant?" Answer: "one bite at a time!"

    You will get there...just enjoy each block as it comes (and keep posting them so we can enjoy them with you!).

  5. Your blocks look mighty fine, Cheri! Keep on sewing...looking forward to your third block!

  6. Both blocks are excellent Cheri! I enjoyed making the grape block and look forward to an ostrich or two!

  7. Cheri I love yours blocks, they are gorgeous. Looking forward seeing your next block, I'm still working on my third block. Keep on sewing


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