Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here a Chick, there a chick?

Well, I have been swamped with sooo many other things. I finally finished this block.
I felt that the bride and groom needed some place to rest their heads.
The block is a combination of the table block with the flower arrangement and my own little house design.
Though, the more I look at it, my eye keeps going to the big empty space in the front yard.
So help me here, what should I add? Chickens, sheep or ? I am open to ideas. Please keep in mind the block measures just 5 x 7, so there really is only room for something small.
This is block #4 for me and they are all looking so very nice together. I promise a group photo with my next post.
Blissfully Stitching,


  1. A lovely home for the bride and groom Bobbie. Now what to put in the empty space?? Some flowers or a path to the door or a basket for the apples.

  2. Great home for the new couple. Maybe a log or picket fence for the empty space. Not too busy.

  3. dear bobbie,i would add some tiny flowers or a path to the house,too,happy stitching,susi

  4. How about a bird sitting on the fence? By the way, I like your tree!

  5. A very nice block, how about adding a child.

  6. Maybe just a pathway to the house...but the block looks wonderful!!

  7. Lovely home ,the block is great and how about adding a path or a basket with apples?

  8. Baa-aa-aa...I like the idea of a fluffy sheep. GREAT block!! Whatever you choose will be charming. I am looking forward to your group shot...I love the idea of your quilt being in miniature!

    Teresa :o)

  9. green grass with a brick path, flowers and a bench to sit on

  10. Hi Bobbie,

    Lovely block, I agree you need a little something in the front yard of the house, the blocks in this quilt are filled with applique. I like all the ideas: sheep, bird on fence - my favorite - chickens. Have fun deciding.

    Happy Stitching...


  11. Bobbie, that is so beautiful. I love the house and the branch too of course. Is this your last block? I will have to get back to it real soon.

  12. I like your house.

    Just add. Look at the floating fruit and flowers in the other blocks. You don't need to create an entire scene... just fill.

  13. A short sidewalk? Lovely tree.
    Vicki Q in WI


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