Sunday, April 4, 2010

Strawberries Forever.....

Strawberries forever......yeah, it took me awhile to applique the strawberries and the little tops. (I changed the little tops from the original) The color of the stems and leaves are actually on the greener side than posted and the strawberries are a brighter turkey red color. Love the blue strawberries! They're the little misfits!


  1. I love it! Love your pieced background too. Just wonderful!

  2. Oh yeah.. forever.. these are gorgeous, I love the fabric placement on the strawberry tops too...

  3. What a gorgeous interpretation! Just love it. Are you piecing all the backgrounds? I like to do that, as well, because it adds so much texture and interest. Michele

  4. Gorgeous Mona, I love the little strawberry tops and of course the 'misfits'.

  5. A beautiful block Mona, your fabrics are very pretty.

    Happy stitching...


  6. Very sweet! Excellent misfit berries. I noticed on the instructions for this block that because of the sharp curves on strawberry stems, they may need to be pleated, if using 1/4" bias. Did you use 1/4" bias and if so, how did it work out for you?

  7. In answer to Michele and Karen questions: For the background blocks, I'm piecing 4 fabrics of Taupe japanese fabrics of various shades. They are of different woven fabrics with some repeats. As for the strawberry stems for Block 10, I did use the 1/4" bias and had no problem with that method in general but on the tight curves, you need to really work the fabric with your finger and needle as you needleturn. (Also, you can fudge the placement of the curves a little if you can't get the tight curve....whose gonna know, right?) Good luck!

  8. Mona,

    How wonderful, are the strawberries ripe yet? I'm thinking a strawberry pie,mmmmm. Your block is beautiful, I just love the combination of fabrics and the tops add such a touch of whimsy.

    Blissfully Stitching,

  9. Hey Mona,

    Yummy berries!! (I love the little blue ones...maybe they are just a bit chilly?!?) I like the way you tweaked the tops of the strawberries! Very pleasing and the pieced backgrounds are so interesting...adds such a nice touch!

    Teresa :o)


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