Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi everyone,

my name is Britta and I am a quilter from Germany. I have marvelled at your miraculously beautiful work for weeks now and have decided to give the Civil War Bride quilt a try myself. I hope to find inspiration and criticism on this list and invite everyone to comment honestly.
Also, I hope that there will be an exchange about techniques as some parts are rather tricky as I had to learn stitching my first block which was largely trial and error-based. I think I have come up with good solutions for now (mostly after making friends with a capital F with Roxanne's Glue-Baste-It...). Here's my first block (#2):
Many greetings to all from the Rhine-valley!


  1. Hi Britta and welcome to CBQ blog. What a lovely first block you've produced. I was thinking of making this block but I didn't like the white flowers, but after seeing your block I think I will use white too - Hugs Nat

  2. Gorgeous first block Britta, once again welcome to the 'bride'. I loved doing this block, it's just so lovely.

  3. Hi Britta welcome. I havn't attempted this block yet. Yours looks lovely and fresh.
    Happy Stitching Terry

  4. Thank you so much!
    @Notjustnat: I though the white gives it a really fresh look. The trick is to choose really white white (I used an old damast bedsheet), so that it really jumps out from the beige backdrop... Seeing all other blocks, I just notice I am still missing a bit of white in one of the buds on the left...

    Thanks for the nice welcome!

  5. I know it is not strictly a reproduction as I mix old and newer fabrics but for me, the colors are most important and - admittedly - I just don't have a large stash with reproduction fabrics (or am currently not willing to invest in yet another stash...). I wanted to get started on a project that can easily be taken to monthly guild meetings - and the appliqué here is ideal for that...

  6. hi britta,what a lovely block,greetings from germany,to you,happy stitching,susi

  7. Susi,

    I just had to check your blog to see if I can get a hint whether we may know each other (I am a German quilt guild memebr but have never attended a meeting; I am also a member of the Quilt-Sterne internet guild). I am absolutely stunned by your beautiful work. You are a real master of desater - eh, of appliqué! Very beautiful work... I particularly love the quilt that appears on your front page. What a beauty! Colors, pattern, execution - just perfect!

    Congratulations, I hope to get some help by masters such as you when piecing the blocks.

    Here is a first question to you and everyone: How do you do the feathered tails of the birds? My Glue-Baste-It/Freezer Paper-method does seem idea here. Did you traditionally sew the stripes together and then appliquéd them? Any tips?


  8. Welcome Britta, your first block is wonderful, nice mix of greens and the white flowers really pop off the beige background. I am working on block 7 and I have sewn the feathers on the center strips on the first bird with my sewing machine and then cut the three out as one applique piece to hand applique on the bird - there is a picture of the work in progress on my blog. I am on the look out for a fabric I can use on the tail feathers in block 14, I plan to probably fussy cut something for the "eyes" in the peacock tail feathers. As for the Bird of Paradise...I am still thinking about that one, most likely the whole tail will be done separately and then appliqued on the block.
    I am looking forward to seeing your next block.

    Happy Stitching,


  9. Congratulations on your first block! You did an awesome job! Keep up the great work!

    I have ordered my pattern. I don't know when I will ever find the time to work on this but it is on my Want to Make list.

    Enjoy!! pat

  10. Gorgeous First block Britta Enjoy the journey :-)

  11. dear britta,i appliqued the feathered tails one stripe after the other,i never used freezerpaper or glue,but there are surely other methods to do it,susi

  12. Your work looks beautiful! You won't be getting any criticism from me, LOL!!

  13. Hi Britta, I love your first block, and cannot see anything to criticise...... The white flowers look just beautiful with those different green leaves - I like the contrast between the yellow-green and the very dark ones.
    Enjoy your next one!!

  14. Welcome Britta! Your first block is beautiful! This block reminds me of dogwood flowers.

  15. Hi Britta and welcome to the CWBQ blog! Lovely first block! Your fabrics are lovely - I picked fabrics that pleased me on my quilt...some repro, some modern...I, too, was picking from my stash and just picked colors that made me happy! I look forward to your next block!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  16. Very pretty block. I like the contrast of the white flowers and green leaves. Did you wonder if you were ever going to get finished making all those leaves?


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