Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meeting at the AQC............

left to right........... me, Deb, Natima, Ronnie (no blog) and Kali We met in the Expo Cafe and the sun was blazing through the high windows of the Royal Exhibition Building and by the time Natima's daughter-in-law took this photo for us, we were very hot. It was wonderful to meet Nat, Kali and Ronnie for the first time, Deb and I are old friends now as we've managed to meet up a few times, Cathy was feeling unwell and couldn't make it (hope you're feeling much better today Cathy). Kali came over from Hobart, Tasmania on Thursday and I have to tell you that her machine applique on her quilt blocks is amazing. Thanks for bringing them Kali. I had taken my blocks for show and tell and all the girls were wonderfully encouraging! Ronnie has finished her blocks and is quilting it and then doing the borders as 'quilt as you go'. You won't have heard much of Ronnie as she doesn't have a blog, is computer challenged and is quite happy with that (I reckon she'll have a smile on her face right about now?) isn't that right Ronnie?? So Ronnie will keep up with the blog and we'll talk via email, she's promised to send me a photo (even if it's snail mail) when her quilt is finished, so I can put it up and show you! If you click on over to Nat's blog, she has a photo of part of Ronnie's quilt on the table. Deb brought her Phebe applique to show us and Nat didn't bring any ;o). We chatted, admired and encouraged, it was a great hour or so and it went in a flash, thanks for coming in girls and thanks for the encouragement to continue, trust me I needed it at the moment. Later I caught up with Esther, it took us ages to actually find one another, so many people and so much noise. Esther told me what she's going to do with her bride quilt, I'll let her tell you all about it!! What I will tell you is that it's going to be amazing, I can't wait for her to get started on it! I really enjoyed meeting everyone, makes me wish we could do a 'beam me up Scotty' and all get together for a huge international show and tell, wouldn't that be awesome???


  1. dear friends,what a wonderful day for you all ,i wish i had a scotty,but i had a few days with my oldest daughter and her man and her two sisters and brother,so all my four children and grandchildren were home again,and that was great ,too.i am waiting for new results of the cwbq now,happy stitching and a nice sunday,susi

  2. Thanks Lizzie for organising our meeting. It was a quick happy hours we had. I wish we could all have an international hugs with all of us one day too. After we left you Bron and I had a quick look at the stalls and had to head home to DGD. Bron had a surprised when we got home. DS bought her a sewing machine. It is her first sewing machine ever - Hugs Nat


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