Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my third

Thank you to everyone who commented on my first two blocks, I was so surprised to receive such lovely comments and encouragement! I feel more reassured in regard to my choice of colour palette and fabrics now. Here's my third block! I won't be starting another block for a week or two because we are going away day after tomorrow (Fiji for a work - someone has to do it!). I will finish the stitching on this block before we go though (the first two are now totally finished). Spent all of last weekend planting 200 Truffle trees (English Oak), so it was nice to sit and work on this block and have a little rest. I think that my next block will either be the bird of paradise block or the peacocks. I am also thinking of excluding, perhaps, the elephant block (?) and drafting a new block to include my Oak trees, truffles and our two beautiful Maremma's, Bear and Giorgio. I also would like to include a block with a Willow tree and something else to symbolise our home and family. Just wondering if there is a traditional symbol to represent children? Love Willowmere Karen.


  1. I love the fabric you've used on your leaves Karen, the colours are just fabulous. So many different variations of this quilt.. love it.

  2. The strawberries look great and they are very seasonally appropriate here in southern Germany.

  3. Wow! Your block looks so pretty and fresh! I love the fussy-cutting for the leaves.

  4. Those strawberries are just so edible and love the leaves too :-)

  5. i love your fabrics,it is really amazing to see all those diffrent blocks from the same pattern!happy stitching,susi

  6. Karen, Wow! Those leaves with the blue on the edges just pop on this block. Red is usually the first color noticed on quilts, if it is in a large enough quantity. That blue, just makes the block sing. Great job, just enough to add interest and make you take a second look. Your blocks are coming out so pretty. I just love the fabric combinations. It is so wonderful to see how everyone interprets this pattern. Definitely part of the fun! Can we see them all together with your next block?

    Blissfully Stitching,
    Bobbie Ashley

  7. Hello, I try to find a translation programme for my blog.
    Your strawberries are beautiful !!!

  8. Nicely done, Karen...the fabrics are really fresh and fun...I like the blue edges on the leaves. Very springy and appropriate for Michigan right now.

    When I tried to represent my parents' kids in a quilt block years ago, I used flowers on stems growing out of a green hill, one for each kid. I wrote each name along the stem between leaves next to each kid's flower (with an ultra fine point pigma pen).


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