Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Progress at last but not what you expect...........

Long time no post isn't it? I have been at a real stumbling block with my quilt for a while now. I had actually put it away in this box............ .......and hadn't touched it since before Christmas. It was really hard to get back to it, I've taken the box off the shelf several times, opened it and looked at the finished blocks. Then they would just get put away again!! All my inspiration to finish had vanished.... I realised the other day that it's nearly a year since I bought the pattern and starter kit from Corliss at the Craft & Quilt Fair and I also remembered that I really didn't want this to become another UFO, that's the whole reason that I started this blog! I felt I needed the inspiration of others to keep me going, how true was that?? I've used countless keystrokes advising others that this is 'your' quilt and yes it's OK to change it, make it your own, as long as the basic pattern is Corliss' pattern then it's ok to join the group. So I've decided to take my own advice and change the way I make this quilt! I have made a decision and if you're a purist for following the pattern, then close the page now, you don't need to read anymore, you'll only be disappointed with me ;o) I really wanted to drastically alter the whole composition of the quilt, what I really, really wanted to do was start the whole thing again - in wool and include some pieced blocks too!! I'm not going to do that though as I've invested too much into the blocks that I've finished, I am however not making anymore centre blocks!! I have nine blocks that I've finished and I'm leaving it at those nine. So today, I took them out of their box and joined them together!! This is how the centre of the quilt will be, I've also stitched on the borders, not as per the pattern, these are five and a half inch borders and I'm going to stitch a vine all the way around and then randomly sew on leaves and flowers. I'd like to say that I will fill it with all the different flowers that are in the original quilt, but I don't know how much I'll do on there until I do it..! I haven't fully decided whether or not this border will be the last yet? I think I just needed to give myself permission to change it, does that make sense? At this stage it obviously won't be as big as the original, but who knows, I could change my mind again I guess?


  1. dear lizzie,the nine blocks look pretty good together,just do what you want and what you like,i have such an ufo too ,lying in a box,waiting for me,i have sewn 21 blocks of 49,and i don`t know how this quilt will end up,because i have no idea for the borders,maybe i do the same with it you did,and make it smaller,we`ll see,happy stitching,susi

  2. Hi Lizzie,

    I can't tell yet, whether I have the stamina to make all twenty blocks and I sure will change a few of them anyway. Therefore, I think it is perfectly fine to leave it at the nine blocks, which look stunning as they are... Sometimes an unfinished project kind of paralyzes one's entire energy and I'm all in favor of taking shortcuts instead of giving in to such a deadening impulse. And who knows, you still have the pattern. Maybe a few years from now you have the energy to make a sibling to this one, creating the rest of the blocks...
    Your quilt rocks. I'm anxious already to see what you do with the border. Vines will be very pretty!

    Greetings from the Rhine,

  3. Lizzie I do not believe in the equilt police so no fine for making it YOUR quilt.
    I like the result and look forward to your progress.
    Enjoy the journey.
    Happy Stitching Terry

  4. The nine blocks look lovely together, Lizzie!

  5. Lizzie that's great. It is a mini version of CWBQ. It looks very lovely and it's going to be finished soon - Hugs Nat

  6. Hi Lizzie,

    Wow! I love your idea of your CWBQ, and afterall, it is YOUR CWBQ! The nine blocks look really good together and tell a story in and of themselves. You know me...I became the queen of changing things as I went along, so you know you have my support. Depending on the project, the creative spirit needs different amounts of original energy. Your blocks are way too beautiful to be in a box! Make it your own, dearie, and your heart will sing and your fingers will fly!

    It's funny...I was thinking of taking a handful of these blocks, reducing them in size, and making a small wallhanging. The big finished "bride" quilt is too big to hang on the wall in my small house, and it is ultimately for my daughter one day anyway. I've enjoyed this quilt so much that I want a little bit of it for myself!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. Looking good Lizzie. I have done little bits of 3 other blocks along with the 3 that are finished and it is a slow mover. Just go with the flow and Be Happy :-)

  8. Wow Lizzie! Makes me a little sad, but I understand. If it is not a joy to do then you should stop. Your blocks look wonderful together and once you have the border stitched it will be just beautiful!

  9. Dear Lizzie, The wonderful thing about this quilt is that all, or any, of the blocks are so recognizable, and so lovely when put side by side. Your quilt is great, very much your own, and still a nice reproduction of the original.
    Enjoy the finishing process.

    Happy Stitching,


  10. Seeing a group of identical Civil War Bride Quilts sounds a little dull and it will be much more fun to look at everyone's different styles and versions of the CWBQ pattern. I've also thought of adding pieced blocks but I love your 9 block setting. Thanks for freeing all of us from the quilt police and encouraging us to be individual and artistic. Debra

  11. Permission to make it your own!
    The most important is to enjoy the process so when the quilt is finished you have a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment! Good luck!

  12. Lizzie good for you, to finish it rather than keep it in a box. Your 9 blocks make a gorgeous quilt. Good luck with the border and happy quilting. Paula

  13. Dear Lizzie
    what a wonderful quilt.......... i just love all the blocks and colours must feel very happy

  14. I think you should be proud to make it your own. The original quilt blocks all meant something to the original quiltmaker, and I think your quilt should mean something to you. And in the bargain, you will be avoiding a guilt-producing UFO!

  15. Lizzie, I have picked nine blocks to make in miniature too. I love your idea, nine is a good number. Don't worry, you have to work on what makes your heart sing. Can't wait to see them finished with the border.

    Blissfully Stitching,

  16. I am one of those who sometimes needs to give myself permission... you probably did your favourite blocks first anyway!! Good going Lizzie!!

  17. I like your quilt just as it is. I bet it feels so good to have it nearing completion with only the borders to go.


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