Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Bride is a Block of the Month.....

Hi everyone, two posts in a week, phew! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm adding a link on the sidebar to Common Threads Quilting in Texas, USA. I found out today that they are doing a BoM of the 'bride', how exciting! Not only for the BoM, but also that all those lovely American Ladies might now be able to buy the pattern?? I don't know this for sure, but we can only hope.. I emailed Denice this morning and heard back from her that she is more than happy to have the link on here, as she would be I guess. You all know that the only interest we all have is the quilt, not any shops that sell it, so I hope you're all OK with this? Talk again soon, I'm cutting vines this week............! Lizzie


  1. dear lizzie,thats cool for the american ladies,i`m looking foreward to your vines,have a nice time,susi

  2. Wow, do you ever have some pretty things. Love this one.

  3. Pak Karamu visiting your team member blog


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