Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Block #4, grapes

I had a very slow week last week.  I was under the weather and didn't get much sewing time in.  Then when I finally did finish my block, I went to take a picture and my camera was broken.  I carry it in a pocket in my handbag and probably bumped it at some point - sigh.  My husband lent his camera to me so here's a picture of block #4 that I finished last week. 

I decided to change the direction of the bird on this one.  Couldn't locate my circle eze so did the grapes by gathering the fabric around a template.  Still want to give the circle eze a try one of these days since you ladies like it so.  Sure have been enjoying seeing all of the gorgeous blocks you ladies are making - and sure love all the activity on this site.  It's so motivating!


  1. Hi Linda,

    you block is just lovely, as usual! I was also thinking of turning the bord around but have not decided yet. For some reason he looks wrong to me upside down, but then again, that's just what I appreciate in these old applique quilts: the utterly unexpected. Maybe I'll just turn his head around to face the other way...

    Great colors and again: perfect choice of fabric for the bird!

    Congrats and greetings from the Rhine,

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  3. dear linda ,lovely block,wonderful fabrics,happy stitching,susi

  4. I like the fabric you used for the bird.

  5. Linda your block looks great. I like the grapes and the fabric you used for the bird. Well done.

  6. Very nice block, Linda! I substituted another block for this one in my quilt...maybe it was the dive-bombing bird that I didn't like. i really like it now with your nice-looking bird and delectable grapes.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  7. Beautiful Linda! This is one of my favourite blocks.

  8. Very pretty Linda, I like the bird turned this way, he looks like he is flying off after he is full of grapes,

    Happy Stitching

  9. Ah! I love your bird's direction, and I love, love the fabric you used on its body. That's definitely what it needs. I haven't done that block yet, it just didn't grab me too much. It grabs me now! Thank you. THis may be just the inspiration I need. I hope you camera is working again.


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