Monday, July 12, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

She is ready to walk down the aisle. I haven't decided whether I'll include a groom or not. Am thinking not but I've got a while to make up my mind. I've started on #5 (the block with the grape clusters). It should go fast especially since I use Karen Kay Buckley's perfect circles. The last quilt I made had over 100 berries on it and the one before that had close to 200 berries so I feel like I'm a berry good berry maker!
Kay in Arkansas


  1. The bride looks pretty in pink.
    You certainly have had experience with circles. Two-hundred for one quilt is a lot!

  2. dear kay,i do really love the fabrics you are using,a modern touch to an old bride,very cool,have a nice week,susi

  3. Kay, just absolutely adore her. She is one of the prettiest brides. The block just sparkles with your fabric choices. Who says you can't use mod fabrics for an old pattern. Great job!

    Blissfully Stitching,

  4. Berry nice! I LOVE her outfit. That dress fabric is wonderful!

  5. Love those colours Kay, the fabric looks great. Good luck with the grapes, that was my least favourite block to stitch, but then I'm not a berry good berry maker like you.....;o)

  6. She's such a pretty bride. The fabrics you used on your block make her look so special-like she's all ready for her big day. Can't wait to see your next block.

  7. Oooo...she is berry, berry fresh and pretty (hey - you started it! LOL) She looks just lovely in pink. Good luck with the berries...I like to make them, as well!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  8. very sweet, indeed!
    Greetings from the Rhine,

  9. She is berry, berry beautiful!! Pretty soft fabric.

  10. She is a pretty bride. What else can I say?

    Your berries certainly make me want to eat frozen yoghurt! Mmm... a delicious block.


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