Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How are you going to quilt this? or how did you quilt this quilt?

I posted this as a comment with one of my previous blocks but did it so late, don't think many of you saw it.  I'm still day dreaming about how to do the quilting on this qult when it's finished, so thought I'd put my questions into a post instead:

As I've been stitching I've been day dreaming about doing the quilting on this charming quilt. With so much applique on each block, I can't picture how to fit any quilting on it, except maybe sitich in the ditch on the outside of each block, and quiting in the borders, and I know that's probably not enough quilting. What have the others of you been thinking you're going to do? And how about those who finished your quilt? Did you hand or machine quilt? How did you do it? You didn't outline around each applique did you? That would give me nightmares but I sure can't figure out how to fit any quilting in other than that. Would love to hear what you did or are planning to do.


  1. dear linda,if you scroll down some older posts ,you can see a detail picture how i quilted my bride quilt,yes i quilted around the outline of every appliqued piece,and where there was place i quilted some flowers and a little cat under the table,have a nice time,susi

  2. Hi!

    I hand-quilted mine. I used a Dream Cotton batt in the "request" loft (ultra thin). It made the hand quilting easy for tiny stitches, but the hand quilting doesn't show up as well as Susi's does. If I had it to do over, I would use a slightly thicker cotton batt.

    I quilted around each shape and added some quilting on most of the shapes to add detail and interest (like veins on leaves, texture on birds, etc. I had planned to diagonally cross-hatch behind the applique, but most blocks are so busy that I found that not needed. I put sashing between all the blocks, so I outlined the blocks as well as quilting a line in the center of the skinny sashing.

    I quilted the outer borders with a double piano key design. I used ecru YLI quilting thread, which was literally the color of my background. So my quilting does not show up very much...kind of invisible on the background. All that work and it doesn't show very well!! LOL

    I hope this helps!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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