Sunday, July 11, 2010

Natima Revisit

It has been six months since I last visited the CWBQ. It was in my mind to get back to it since I put it away before Christmas, but I just had many other projects I want to do as well. Anyway, not all is lost. I'm back to visit it again working on the table block I started six months ago.

To get myself motivated I even took a drive to see the original CWBQ at Threadbear in Castlemaine. It was raining all the way and most people would say it was a terrible day, but Mr Notjustnat and I love driving in the rain so for us it was a lovely drive. We stopped for lunch at Kyneton and visited a few shops on the way (sorry no photo, rainy days are no good for photographing). Be sure to scroll down to see the original CWB quilt.

My table block is finished, washed and pressed. I changed the shape of the legs from the original design and changed a bit on the vase too just to make it easier for appliqué. I don't think I will put the tassels on the table cloth as on the original block. I don't think it needs it.

Here it is the original quilt I saw in person at Threadbear. I was the last visitor yesterday afternoon. Corliss was busy preparing for the quilt show next week in Melbourne. You wouldn't have known it because the shop was immaculately tidy. It is a beautiful shop in the middle of a country town of Castlemaine in Victoria. I will drive from anywhere to get there again.

My next block is the bird of paradise block. The templates are cut and ready to go. I added purple and orange fabric after I took this photo. It will be a very bright feathers so watch this space. 



  1. dear natima,how beautiful!!love the fabric of your vase,and to see the original quilt in person...i would love to see it too, have a nice day in cold australia,here in northern europe it is so hot,one can`t sit outside sewing,and not even inside,i am looking foreward to wintertime,susi

  2. Very pretty. I love the shape of the table legs. What a lucky person to get to see the quilt in person. Thank you for sharing the photo. Can't wait to see your peacock!
    Kay in Arkansas

  3. Love it! The pottery fabric is just wonderful and you've placed it perfectly -- just look at the base of the vase!

  4. What a very lovely block Nat. So glad that you're back again after 6 months away-hopefully you'll get "addicted" again like the rest of us. Just love seeing pictures of your quilt blocks. The picture of the quilt at Threadbear is so pretty too. It sounds like you had such a nice trip. Looking forward to your next block.

  5. Hi Nat...WELCOME BACK!

    We have missed is hard to focus on one quilt when there are so many fabulous projects to dive into (I'm diving in mamu pools right now...I know how it gets!).

    I love your and white pottery is my favorite, so I am really loving your vase. How lucky to be able to see the bride that started it all in person. And from their website, I see they probably have other fabulous quilts on hand to see up close and personal.

    We love rainy days for travel as well, as long as they aren't too dangerous.

    I'm looking forward to your paradise bird.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. Beautiful table Nat!! Love the blue fabric.

  7. Hi Nat, Very pretty block, I like the table with the white instead of the embroidered fringe. You also have some very interesting stem fabric, it gives a nice little spark to the block. Thanks for sharing the picture of the original quilt, how fun to be able to see it in person.
    Happy Stitching,

  8. Me parece un trabajo magnífico, cualquier quilt comparado con el tuyo se queda en nada.
    Me gusta mucho tu blog y tus labores.
    Te agrego a mi blog para poder seguirte.
    ¡¡¡Saludos desde España!!!


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