Monday, July 19, 2010

Seeking your advice

I originally chose the bright yellow flowers of this block as a bright contrast to a blue urn.

Yes, I really love the ombre blue (it's a Dargate Divinity) - especially with its diagonal swizzle.

What do you think of the leaves? I am fussy-cutting from a pink and green fabric. I like that too, but maybe not with the bright yellow of the tulips. Should I change the tulip colour to red?

What about the other flowers to be added at the top?

I am going to continue with the leaves - I like them. And I don't want to change the blue urn.

I look forward to your words of wisdom. Thanks everyone...


  1. can you try cutting out red flowers and then a few additional strong colors and pinning them up on the block and taking photos. I like the yellow. Oranges, deep purples?

  2. I think the problem is the leaves, they do not stand out on this background and for all the work that goes into fussy cutting them I would want them to show more...... any way to add a shadow or edge to them? Originally I was going to say to move the leaves to another block but.... the back ground is still "light".... you have given me a notion to pay attention to some of the leaves when cutting..... not to just get 80 made and on to the next 80.... look forward to seeing the next picture of this block.

  3. No advise here, just admiration! Love to watch the progress on these civil war blocks...just darling!

  4. I agree with Meredith. Maybe with some strong colors the leaves will show up better. I love the leaves and vase and agree they should be kept.
    Kay from Arkansas

  5. I love the vase. I love the leaf fabric but agree that the problem may be that they do not contrast enough with the background. I agree with Meredith on ways to try different colors. Photographing seems to give me some "distance" from the project and lets me see it all through new eyes. One more thought, the leaves might work if everything else in the block was pastel....including the table. I like the shadow/outline idea, too.

  6. hi,i think you should add some darker leaves now,happy stitching,susi

  7. Your blog is absolutely fabulous, what a great job! so nice, I likt the yellow flowers, because it is not so bright yellow, it looks more antique yellow color.

    greetings, jeannet

  8. Oh gosh dear friends, thank you. I am listening. I am going to try some burgundy flowers and try laying out a bit of dark green embroidery thread - maybe I could stitch around the outside of the fussy-cut leaves.

  9. I like the a shame to lose them. They remind me of pussy willows. Maybe the flowers need more petal definition or a throat. I think some burgandy, purples, lavenders...might work better with the stem color and the leaves and vase. Having said all that...if you don't change a thing tis beauty already.


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