Monday, August 30, 2010

All together


one of you asked to see my completed blocks together. Here it is, seven finished and eight (the one on the lower right) in progress:
On that last, my peahen block, I started appliquéing the feet and they killed me (as my feet usually are. LOL). I know some of you preferred to stitch them but I was stubborn enough to try needleturn. It did not "turn" out as perfect as I had anticipated. Well, three weeks from now, my German internet quilt guild meets for their 10th anniversary near Stuttgart and I signed up for an "appliqué workshop"... Hope to be able to learn some new tricks there and who knows, maybe I'll redo the feet then. Now, this is all I could muster...

Greetings from the Rhine,


  1. Just dazzling! So much intricate detail...amazing! Love the colors too! Beautiful!

  2. Your blocks look awesome together! I, too, hated the feet! I ended up changing a few of quilt guilt here. Some have embroidered them with great success, some have modified the applique, and some have mixed applique methods, so you should do what makes you comfortable and happy with the results!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. Your blocks are so beautiful! I have only finished the first block and have a handful of leaves on number two. That was nearly 10 months ago so you are a super achiever in my book.

  4. They are gorgeous together, good on you for your feet, my peacocks are perched in midair waiting for me to pluck up courage to do them.Such pretty fabrics.

  5. That quilt applique workshop will be so fun! I'm jealous!

  6. Your blocks all look wonderful together..well done! I hope you enjoy your applique class and that it results in 'perfect feet'.

  7. Your blocks are looking great and I think your house fits in just nicely :) Good work!


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