Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Block #4

I did not include the tendrils.  My vines are quite thick and the appliqued tendrils looked really clunky so I decided to omit them.  I may ink some tendrils later---depends how brave I am that day!  I also did not include grape stems and have not decided whether I will add them or not.  I usually don't do much embellishment on my quilts.  I have many little birdies with no eyes and no legs so what's another unembellished birdie?

I have block #5 ready to be appliqued.  It was the most difficult block so far.  Nothing seemed to come out like I visualized but that's OK since it gave me an opportunity to play further with my fabrics.

Kay in Arkansas


  1. I really like your fabric choices. Love that purple fabric.

  2. Love the bird fabric Kay, gorgeous block...

  3. Just grand...and look at all those little grapes! Perfect! Such fun to follow along!

  4. very lovely block,keep on stitching,susi

  5. Hi Kay,

    beautiful block! And those perfectly round grapes... Very well done. Mine did not turn out as perfectly, because I used Perfect Circles for the first time and had to get the hang of it first and then I used a rather thin cotton satin, which does not forgive any uneven stitches... About the tendrils: I had also felt that they were a bit thick and decided to embroider them. I used one thread each of three different green cotton embroidery yarns (I keep forgetting what it's called in English, DMC?). This way, it is not as solid and has a little more natural look, I feel, than using just one color. And the stitching is really done in no time....

    Greetings from the Rhine,

  6. Love your block Kay...............and all those little circles sitting there so pretty. Don't blame you on the tendrils, I thought they were awfully chuncky in the pattern too. I think your block looks great without them.

  7. Hi Kay,

    Your bird looks so nice! The lighter colors just make it sing!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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