Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Block #9 and preview block #10

I have just finished my block # 9 (which is the fifth block I've made):
I have also begun glueing block #10, which will be my sixth, so I'll give you a sneak preview:
I know it still looks a little wobbly and angular, but I'll get the corners out when appliquéing. I'm a little worried about the vase, though. I thought the fabric was really pretty but with the colorful flowers it seems to be really busy and at the same time, not stand out enough. What do you think, should I change it?

So, all together my blocks now look as follows:

Greetings from the Rhine (which I'll tour tomorrow with a Canadian friend and her mother),


  1. Your blocks are gorgeous all together.

  2. Hi Britta,

    NICE! I love how bright and harmonious your blocks look together! The vase on your next block is really cool.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. They are gorgeous Britta, I agree with you about the vase being busy, but I do like it.....

  4. Very pretty blocks, all of them. I really like the pinks and blues in block #10.

  5. Both blocks are wonderful! I like the vase fabric.

  6. What pretty blocks, Britta. They all look so nice together too.

  7. Great block Britta, and they are all looking so good together. I like the way the blues are really coming to the attention of my eye in all the blocks - very pretty;
    Happy Stitching,


  8. I like your blocks a lot; in fact, better than the original. The original looks too crowded and busy to me. Yours seem more open. Keep up the beautiful work
    Sheila in CA

  9. I really like the vase...it looks like a real vase that I have seen in pictures...my two cents worth is to keep it....

  10. I especially like the bird block!

  11. Your blocks are beautiful! One way to showcase the floral vase would be to run a stem stitch around the turned edge - in maybe a light blue/grey Cosmo floss to separate it from your backgound. Just a thought.

  12. Hi Pam,

    I was also thinking that maybe that might be a solution. However, I think, other than in the blue vase in the block with the red apples, here, the contrast is really too little and the vase itself is too busy. I'll look through my stash and find a replacement fabric, something somewhat darker and more solid...

    Greetings from the Rhine,


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