Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hi all!

Last week I posted my last block and asked for opinions about the vase.

This is what I did: I took it out and went through my entire stash to find a good dark material for the vase. I found something which fits rather well, I think. Do you agree this adds some "stability"? And - voila, my block is finally appliqued as well...
Currently I am in the process of designing my own block for the quilt...

Greetings from the Rhine,


  1. I like that much more Britta, it makes the flowers the centre of attention now, lovely..

  2. Nice block Britta. The first vase was a bit too busy. don't be afraid to use some patterns on the other vases on future blocks, just look for contrast between the vase and the background. Keep going!!

  3. I really like that Britta. Your new choice is definitely a winner!

    So are you going to tease us or are you going to tell us a little bit about the block you're designing? I'm nosey, aren't I?

  4. Hi!

    Yes, I think that now the flowers sparkle. The vase looks very dark but I think this block needs some counterweight to the many colorful flowers and blossoms.
    @Linda: I understand... It is a block which shows my house. Since I live only 300 yards away from the Rhine where the Middle Rhine Valley with all its castles start, I will include the river. And, since this is also the heartland of the Rheingau and Rheinhessen vine growing country, I will combine it with grapes.

  5. Ia very nice block...

  6. The dark vase looks lovely, it gives real depth to the block, I love your colours.Look forward to seeing the Rhine next.


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