Sunday, September 12, 2010

baste-it tip for Bird of Paradise


I want to give a tip for those who are still intimidated by the tailfeathers of the Bird of Paradise. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures during the process, but this is how I did it:
I started out by copying the entire tail onto freezer paper and carefully marked the tail feathers from 1 to 18 from left to right. Then I cut the feathers and chose the fabrics. I ironed the freezer paper of  each feather onto the right side of the fabrics I chose and cut them with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Then I laid them out in the right order from 1 to 18 again.
I then turned the seam allowance of each feather on the concave (right hand side, outward curve) under the freezer paper and fixed it with Roxanne Baste-it glue. Make sure to turn the allowance around the tip as far as that it will be covered by the next feather. Only the last (#1) feather was turned around on both sides and the curve - convex and concave.
Now I took an iron/padded cutting mat and put the block template on. I began by pinning the red feather (#18) down exactly on the template. Three needles stuck in vertically will do, just so it can't move anywhere. Then I took the second (orange checkered #17) and, using Baste-it glued it onto the seam allowance of the convex side (left hand side, inward curve) of feather #18.
The tip of the feather can be placed neatly according to the template and along the freezer paper on #18. Once the second feather is applied, the freezer paper can be taken off the first feather (#18): careful though with the short - in my case yellow - feathers. Only take off freezer paper, once a feather next to it fills from top to bottom...
You proceed in this manner from #18 to #2 and then apply the last #1 on to finish the tail. Move the pins consecutively to secure the next feather in place when attaching the following feather. After a few minutes or after pressing once, you can take the entire tail off carefully and place it on your block like any other piece....

Hope this is helpful for those who also like to glue-baste...

Greetings from the Rhine,


  1. Great Instructions! This is just the way I did it and it works very well. I am glad you wrote the process down and posted it. You would be a good teacher Britta!
    Happy Stitching

  2. Cheri,

    glad you say that becuase I AM a teacher... :o)


  3. Thank you for that,you simplify the whole process. BOP is my next block so wonderful timing, Ann in NZ.

  4. Thanks Britta for the very clear instructions. I'll be following them when I do this block. I love the colours you chose and the order you used for them too.
    Hugs Jan Mac

  5. Great tip! And speaking of great, thinks The Civil War Bride Quilt blog is great, and we want to share it with other sewers by featuring a link on! We’ll be featuring you as a favorite blog all next week. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you would not like to be featured through a link on Thanks so much-Erika

  6. Great instructions! I love your fabric selection.
    Kay in Arkansas

  7. Your blocks are lovely and an inspiration.

  8. Britta, Your blocks are beautiful and the Bird is outstanding. The colors are terrific and your workmanship as well. Thank you so much for your instructions. Sherry in Chattanooga Tennessee.

  9. Thank you. THank you. I love the fabrics in your Bird of Paradise... I wasn't scared of the block because of the method (I love your instructions btw), but because of the colours... I will feel much more confident when it becomes time to work on this block.


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