Sunday, October 24, 2010

Block #7

What a fun block!  Well, all but the feet.  Notice how my birds are hiding behind leaves.  After two attempts at those teeny tiny toes I decided my birds are sitting in trees with an abundance of leaves.  My hat is off to those who appliqued those itty bitty toes!

Wonder how I'll conquer the next set of itty toes!  I do have ultrasuede in my bag now......
Kay in Arkansas


  1. Wow, Kay! That's a beautiful block. I like your creative solution to the feet. All the feet in this quilt are really hard. I love the thought of your birds hiding in the leaves. Very nice job and the fabrics look really great!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. What a wonderful idea putting leaves to hide the feet, I will probably do the same as my peacocks are still sitting legless waiting for inspiration. That is a lovely block. Ann in N.Z.

  3. lovely block, Kay. The leaves to hide those teeny toes is pure genius. I think I may be considering ultrasuede after all! That or embroidery!
    My eyes and fingers don't do ultra tiny well anymore.

  4. Your block looks wonderful!! You've used such interesting fabric for the tails. I haven't made this block yet but the bird feet from other blocks I've appliqued so far have been very tricky! You have a good solution here.

  5. lovely block!! great work...unless the birds are wearing a great pair of sandals theres no need to show off the toes!!

  6. Very ingenous on the bird toes, this was a fun block to do, your fabrics are lovely.

  7. I love the colors for their plumes! I cannot applique tiny bird feet either so I embroider them on. I also try ultrasuede too sometimes. i haven't gotten to this block yet so don't know how I handle those feet!

  8. I used wool applique for the feet of the birds. I matched the gold color of their feet and it worked out great. A little blanket stitch to keep the toes in place blended well also.


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