Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I figured out why I love this quilt!

What I like best about this CW Bride quilt is that it has so many wonderful living creatures!  The maker was still able to see and appreciate the wonderful things the world had to offer even though times were so hard. If her groom did parish or left her she still made a quilt filled with life and hope! She truly was a visionary!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Block 4

Good Morning, I hope everyone had a wonderful day to give thanks for all the beauty in our world and perhaps got to stitch a little too. I got a chance to sit down and finish my block 4.  I changed the birds rotation to soar upwards, I too thought it looked like a dead bird falling from the sky.  Perhaps that was the grooms block.  I have block 5 well under way.  ~ Susan

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fabrics galore

Hi CW Brides, I'm back from my little vacation in the States. I managed to get some great fabric for this fantastic quilt. I wanted to buy about 10 fat quarters but ended up with 20, so much to chose from! I have this great beige printed backgroundfabric. Can't wait to get started. But unfortunately this will have be be a slow process because the day after my return home I managed to breat my foot. Fell down 2 steps at home. And since all my sewing stuff and computer is upstairs I can't get to them as much as possible. But I'll try to trace the pattern today, still have to decide which great block to start with. I'll keep you posted. Greeting from a brrrr, cold and sometimes snowing Holland! Lorene

I don't want you to think

I don't want you to think I can do one of these blocks in a week, I can not. I actually have been working on this one off and on for a while, it has been a real pill. The whole thing is just a little off, I have done the legs a couple times, I think I remember a post that some one else had a difficult time with them also. Anyway, I have pressed on and finished the block. I wanted to include a vase in the quilt that looked like Delft. My mother has given me a lot of Delft pottery and tiles over the years to remember my Dutch heritage. The little bit of embroidery on the cherry stems was fun, the last thing I did on the block and a good finishing touch.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two Bird Blocks

I have been out of town for a couple weeks and although I thought I would get a lot more done while I had some time off work, I am pleased with the two bird blocks that I finished. I had my borders all prepped and thought I would be able to applique in the car --what was I thinking? Not possible to needleturn neatly while in a moving car. I had planned to mix some border work in with my remaining blocks, but then I start another block and just have to keep working on it. I am moving on the the table block next.
Happy Stitching All...

quilting question

I am not nearly close to finishing this quilt, but I showed to pattern to my friend who does long arm quilting and she asked how I was going to quilt it. Have any of you finished the quilt and if so, did you hand quilt or machine? Those of you who are close to finishing, how do you plan to quilt your quilt? The blocks are so densely appliqued, I am intrigued as to how to quilt when I get there. Any ideas are appreciated! Happy applique-ing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Elephant, The horses

Just thought the interesting thing about the elephant is that when he died his bones went to the medical school in Chicago. The medical school was closed down and nobody knows where the bones are. The quilt has a few faded sections on the right hand side of the border. It is under glass or perspex. A joy to see the original. The horses on the original quilt border are the next on the list for the curator to research. Kerry

Original Quilt Photos in New York City

First post

Hi everyone I recently went to the Folk Art Museum in New York City and have pictures of the original quilt. I took the tour and found out a few interesting facts about the quilt. Do you mind if I put a few pictures on our blog to share? We were allowed to take pictures. No problem there. Cheers Kerry Brack

Show of hands!......

Who also gets a kick out of finding the right fabric and making the templates and cutting out the pieces? I sometimes think that is the most fun out of making the next block. Especially when you are sewing 200 leaves (okay, that may be an exaggeration but it certainly seems likes 200!) on a block. It's sort of peaceful to sit and iron on freezer paper and just cut fabric. And ... Wow! I was checking out the "Finished Quilts" link. Three beautiful quilts there. I can only hope that mine will look that great when it finally gets finished. Well, back to my leaves .... Judy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Good morning! I finally decided to join this group. I have been watching the site for many months and have enjoyed everyone's postings. The above 4 blocks are mine. I have chosen to use a different reproduction shirting print for each block.
The 10 blocks belong to my long time sewing friend, Karen. I will post for her as she will not do the computer part and I think her work is to good for not showing it off. She has done some beautiful embroidery work on the tablecloth and the heads of the peacocks.
She is doing her background in all the same off white print. Thought it would be neat to show both together. We both are setting this together according to the original and making are blocks square. It is always interesting to see the differences and the choices we make for the same pattern.
Again the comparison, mine is the blue birds and Karen's are the brown birds. I need to cut out the next few blocks but have got side tracked by other projects but soon will get back to this quilt.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First post to Blog Block one

This is my first post to The Blog. I am so excited to have my first block done and post it. I have been enjoying all the post and glad to contribute. This pattern should give years of work and entertainment. I have already started block two and making good progress. Ark Sandra

Thursday, November 4, 2010

3rd block finished

I finished block #11. I fussed and fussed over the nest. On the 3rd try I was finally satisfied. When I looked back at the pictures I took of the first and second nests... yeah... really there isn't a lot of difference - lol. I changed the bird's head a little (made it bigger) and I should have changed the feet a bit more too - they were very tricky.
Here are my 3 finished blocks together. Someone asked if the peahen base was a ribbon. It's not - it's just a piece of striped fabric.
Now I should resist starting another block so I can get some Christmas sewing done. But, I'm thinking about an urn block next :0) Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Bride

This was a fun block to do!  I still have embroider or ink  her face.  It also went much faster than I expected too, but I think thats because theres a few more dust bunnes running around the house and may well be till this quilt is done!  I also just got two more of ThreadBears patterns in (Phebe and Eliza) BUT, I just want to enjoy this one for awhile. Happy stitching-Susan

I have been so excited to recently find out about this blog spot and to realize so many other people have been working on the CWB also. I have been working on the CWB pattern for about 7 months, by myself, through the BOM from Common Threads. I love this pattern and have been excited about all the postings others have made. The work everyone has been doing is wonderful.
In the last 7 months, I have finished 8 blocks - some work up alittle faster than the others thank goodness. I have tried to be true to the pattern as much as possible but I figure I can have "quilter's license" to make some changes as I go along. I did turn the orientation of one block (the bird and grapes) after my husband kept referring to it as "the dead bird falling from the sky" block. I have also used wool applique for the bird feet. The wool doesn't fray and there was no way I was even going to try to make those toes!
Although my other quilting friends have been very supportive as I embarked on this quilt, I am glad to have found this group. Working on the same quilt all over the globe. It's wonderful. I look forward to seeing everyone' work. Hope you liked me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

block 1

Block 1 finished! I left off the large leaves on either side because I haven't decided if I want them on this block or not. I can come back later and add them.
I just cut out the leaves for Block 2 and am getting myself geared-up pyschologically to tackle so many leaves. My mantra is "one leaf at a time"!