Thursday, November 4, 2010

3rd block finished

I finished block #11. I fussed and fussed over the nest. On the 3rd try I was finally satisfied. When I looked back at the pictures I took of the first and second nests... yeah... really there isn't a lot of difference - lol. I changed the bird's head a little (made it bigger) and I should have changed the feet a bit more too - they were very tricky.
Here are my 3 finished blocks together. Someone asked if the peahen base was a ribbon. It's not - it's just a piece of striped fabric.
Now I should resist starting another block so I can get some Christmas sewing done. But, I'm thinking about an urn block next :0) Happy Quilting!!


  1. Lovely block Janet and they look so lovely all together..

  2. I like the eggs in the nest in this block design.

  3. it's a really pretty block. I love anything with birds! The three blocks look great together and they give you incentive to keep going, don't they?

  4. Nice Blocks! It's so much fun to click on this site and find such awesome work and some neat tricks. love them all great work!

  5. Hey Janet, nice little trio of blocks you have there! Your recent block is just beautiful. I like your changes to your bird and the greens all look fabulous together.

    It IS addictive, is it not??

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. Janet,
    What a great collection of blocks. I like the blue fabric you choose for the nest - makes it look branchy (is that such a word??). I also like the fabrics you choose for the peahen - wonderful contrasts between the bird and the flowers.

    And as Teresa said, it is addictive! My other projects keep getting pushed aside for "just one more block"! Good luck on getting to Xmas projects.


  7. Janet
    I second Judye when she says good luck on getting to Xmas projects. I have never worked on such an addictive quilt. Kind of like eating m&m candy - one just isn't enough.
    Kay in Arkansas

  8. Janet, all I can say is...just lovely. Don't you just love looking at all of them together? They really do play off of each other. Love you Pea Hen, she is quite sprightly in all of her beautiful plumage. The red just makes it sparkle. I have noticed you have a bit of red in each block. What a great way to tie them all together.
    Great job on those tricky feet, many of us have used ultrasuede for the pesky little toes. Just cut and tack down, it is perfect!
    Once again, just lovely!



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