Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fabrics galore

Hi CW Brides, I'm back from my little vacation in the States. I managed to get some great fabric for this fantastic quilt. I wanted to buy about 10 fat quarters but ended up with 20, so much to chose from! I have this great beige printed backgroundfabric. Can't wait to get started. But unfortunately this will have be be a slow process because the day after my return home I managed to breat my foot. Fell down 2 steps at home. And since all my sewing stuff and computer is upstairs I can't get to them as much as possible. But I'll try to trace the pattern today, still have to decide which great block to start with. I'll keep you posted. Greeting from a brrrr, cold and sometimes snowing Holland! Lorene


  1. Hi Lorene, Good choice of fabric,
    Hope you will, - No I know you will enjoy this project. It is also very cold in Luxembourg.

  2. Those are very lovely have fun cutting them up!

  3. Oh nice choices and a good start, the hardest thing for me to pick was my background. Now go put that foot up on a pillow, wrap up under a quilt, and get started :)

    Happy Stitching,

  4. I hope your foot heals quickly and in the meantime,you can get some applique pieces traced and cut out!


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