Thursday, November 11, 2010

First post

Hi everyone I recently went to the Folk Art Museum in New York City and have pictures of the original quilt. I took the tour and found out a few interesting facts about the quilt. Do you mind if I put a few pictures on our blog to share? We were allowed to take pictures. No problem there. Cheers Kerry Brack


  1. That was nice and quick Kerry, welcome to the bride blog. It's fine to put the photo's up as long as they are the bride quilt, I'm sure everyone will be interested to hear what you learnt about the original 'Bird of Paradise' quilt top...
    You can always direct everyone to check out your personal blog where I saw some excellent photo's from your trip...

  2. Oh wonderful photos. Thank you so much. I grew up in the east coast but now live in Australia.

    Knowing one of us has seen the real quilt is amazing. I shall return again and again to study it.


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