Friday, November 12, 2010

more pics of original quilt


  1. Thanks Kerry for the great photo's, it certainly makes it easy to understand why Corliss reproduced this quilt. You do realise of course that we expect great things now when you start making your CWBQ...

  2. Kerry,
    Welcome to the blog and thank you for sharing the pictures of your visit to the the museum. They are wonderful. Corliss really did a good job incorporating so many of the same leaves and bird etc into her pattern. I was surprised to see how much of the same green fabric the original quilter used in the quilt.
    Welcome also to the several other new members, I have been away from my home computer for a couple weeks and have not been able to post, but your blocks are all great. Love seeing the continued interest in this quilt and all the new starts on it. Keep sharing and posting your progress.
    Happy Stitching All,

  3. I love looking at the details of the original top. I agonized over my background fabric and now know for sure I chose exactly the look I hoped for. My first block is coming along, and can not wait to plan a day in NYC to see this incredible piece of work for myself.

  4. I also have been watching this sight for months.
    after alot of hesitation because the economy is so bad I went ahead

    Hurrah the pattern got here today and i have been comparing the original to the pattern.
    so all of you out there

    you got me hooked and i am going to finish this quilt. I have loved it forever.

  5. Kerry,

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of the original quilt top. Like Cheri, I too noticed that consistency of fabric (if that's the term I want) through all the blocks you shared. The two greens diffently but also in the other fabrics. This was not a quilt made from her scraps. I would bet she purchased fabric specifically for this top, which was a rare-ish thing to do for this time frame - unless of course "money was not an issue" for what ever family she came from then. Raises additional questions about the maker's background for me.


  6. I lovely, It´s gorgeous, congratulations!!!

  7. Thank you Lizzie and Cheri, and everyone for your lovely comments
    Not sure what fabric to use myself or what technique. I am going back again in January 2011 for the vogue knitting live workshops and will come back through Tokyo for their quilt festival. So am just dying to take more photos, especially of the top of the quilt and the left hand side.
    I raced up those stairs at the museum to see this quilt. The museum is closed Monday but the shop is open. The book for the collection is reduced to 48 usa dollars from 75. It is so heavy. I will get it next trip in 2011. Thanks for welcoming me. I will ask more questions at the museum in January. These little treats just make life so enjoyable don't they. Kerryx

  8. I am amazed by the beautiful needlework especially those tiny little bird feet. Wow no helpful little gadgets just pure skill.It truly is a gorgeous work of art. thanks for those photos.

  9. Hi Kerry and Lee,

    thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I wouldn't have a chance to see the original in years... What an inspiration!

    Greetings from the Rhine!


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