Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Bride

This was a fun block to do!  I still have embroider or ink  her face.  It also went much faster than I expected too, but I think thats because theres a few more dust bunnes running around the house and may well be till this quilt is done!  I also just got two more of ThreadBears patterns in (Phebe and Eliza) BUT, I just want to enjoy this one for awhile. Happy stitching-Susan


  1. Hey Susan,

    Here comes the bride and she's lovely! It is so much fun to see each one and see how people decide to do her. Happy stitching...the dust bunnies can wait!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  2. Your bride is lovely! I also just got the Phebe pattern but have to stay committed to finishing the Civil War Bride first. Such lovely quilts from Threadbear.

  3. Susan,
    Great block! I really like the way you did her vest. Wish I had seen your modification before I did mine. I also like your background material. I'm waiting to order two more patterns from Threadbear (Ann's Legacy & floral beauty) - it will be my reward for getting CWB done first. J

  4. Your bride is lovely!! Her dress is beautiful. I know about those dust bunnies - they hop around here too. :0)

  5. This was my absolute favourite block in the quilt, I loved doing it and yours is fabulous. I still haven't done anything with faces on my quilt blocks, don't think I will now..
    I also bought Phebe but alas it sits on the shelf unopened, one day.....!

  6. Very nice! Dust bunnies can wait. Are you planning to include a groom?
    Kay in Arkansas

  7. Dust bunnies, I think that every quilter has a plethora of those. At least I do, hey the cat has to have something to play with! Love your bride, she was also my favorite block, maybe it is just a girl thing, who know's. Love your background fabric too.



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