Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Good morning! I finally decided to join this group. I have been watching the site for many months and have enjoyed everyone's postings. The above 4 blocks are mine. I have chosen to use a different reproduction shirting print for each block.
The 10 blocks belong to my long time sewing friend, Karen. I will post for her as she will not do the computer part and I think her work is to good for not showing it off. She has done some beautiful embroidery work on the tablecloth and the heads of the peacocks.
She is doing her background in all the same off white print. Thought it would be neat to show both together. We both are setting this together according to the original and making are blocks square. It is always interesting to see the differences and the choices we make for the same pattern.
Again the comparison, mine is the blue birds and Karen's are the brown birds. I need to cut out the next few blocks but have got side tracked by other projects but soon will get back to this quilt.


  1. Hello Julee and Karen, just love all of the blocks together. The shirting prints are just perfect. We are so happy to have you all join our "crazy group". VBG.
    It is so interesting how everyone interprets this beautiful quilt. Each with it's own style and gorgeous fabric combinations. You both have done a great job. Please keep us posted, we love looking and sharing, it keeps the rest of us motivated (hanging my head low here) I have not completed a block in several months.


  2. Welcome! It must be fun to sew with your friend, and all the blocks are stunning. Love the idea of shirtings very nice~ Susan

  3. How great to be working with a friend on the CWB. And thank you for posting Karen's work. All the blocks are lovely. I really like the hair styles on the bride! I always thought her hair looked lacking but wasn't certain what to do with it. You both have given me some ideas ...I have completed that block but it may be worth going back and giving her a new do. Keep up the good work and welcome to the group.


  4. OMG - how gorgeous! Yum, yum, YUM! Oooo - I feel like I just had DESSERT!! (and with no calories!)

    It must be fun to have a buddy to work on these with that is so close. Of course, making the quilt with this blog was like that...only we are spread out all over the world!!! I love both versions and look forward to more blocks!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. Your blocks are lovely!! It is interesting to see them side by side. I like your bride hair styles too.

  6. Hi Julee & Karen, welcome again. It's lovely to see both your blocks here, double delight for us each time you post...
    I like the shirting background, it makes it a little lighter doesn't it..?

  7. Love the shirting Great to see both of your works :-) I know I haven't posted but I am slowly working on about 5 blocks only none of them are finished yet. Little by Little they say :-)

  8. Lucky you having a friend to work with,I too love the shirting fabric and look forward to seeing more blocks. Mine are packed away probably till after christmas, so its good to see what everyone else is doing to keep motivated.Ann in NZ


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