Tuesday, November 16, 2010

quilting question

I am not nearly close to finishing this quilt, but I showed to pattern to my friend who does long arm quilting and she asked how I was going to quilt it. Have any of you finished the quilt and if so, did you hand quilt or machine? Those of you who are close to finishing, how do you plan to quilt your quilt? The blocks are so densely appliqued, I am intrigued as to how to quilt when I get there. Any ideas are appreciated! Happy applique-ing!


  1. Hi, I have a longarm and I plan to quilt it with in an inch of its life! mostly will do an array of micro filler stitches.

  2. Hi Kathleen, I'm nowhere near finished either and I haven't really give it much thought. If you look through the labels, scroll down to the bottom right side of the page, you'll find a couple of posts with close up photo's I took of the quilting on the quilt in Threadbear. I think they are under CWBQ photo's. Also at the top right side of the page, just underneath the CWBQ banner, you'll find a link to the page where finished quilts are posted. There are three there now, I think you will be able to click to enlarge.

  3. Kathleen,

    I am so glad that you asked this question. I am only ten blocks into the quilt but it has been brewing in my mind over the last several blocks also. And thanks Lizzie for pointing out the pictures of Corliss' qiult. It looks like her quilt was quilted outlining each image, with quilting along feathers, etc. Ditch stitching and outline stitiching was one of the things I was contemplating for my quilting. Along with some "in image" quilting for the larger pieces.

    I have access to a mid-arm machine but I was thinking I would instead quilt it on my home machine - seemed more personal to me that way; besides, I'm still learning with the midarm and wouldn't trust I could do it without alot of mistakes. I have learned it's much easier to pick out stitches from a home machine than the mid arm! I do sectional quilting for any big quilts that I do at home. I am thinking that I will complete it by two top rows and 2 bottom rows. As I am part of the BOM, I don't have my borders yet (altho I would guess I will still be making blocks by the time they arrive). I am thnking I could split the side borders in half and attach them to the rows of blocks - basically cutting the top in half ... quilt it with ditch and outline stitiches and some filler stitches for the big open areas and then sectionally attach them back together. I could applique something over the border seam to hit it if needed. I was thinking of changing up my borders anyway to maybe better match the original quilt ... I love the dogs and horses on the original border.

    Well, that's my two cents worth. I hope others weigh in one this topic as I am really curious as to what they will be doing.


  4. I have also been thinking about it. I will quilt it on my Bernina, I have a midarm, but I can quilt in the ditch much better on my small machine. The border will be lines every 1/2 inch or so, not sure if I will do 45 degree angle or vertical to the border. The center around the applique blocks will be a small filler not sure yet if it will be a stipple or some other pattern I come upon. I do like to scatter some outlines of some of the applique shapes in the background but because each block is so filled with applique I do not know if I will have enough room to do this. I also am still a few months away from the quilting, but it is in the back of my mind...
    Happy Stitching,

  5. thanks for everyone's ideas. I appreciate the advice to look at the photos and they gave me a better idea on quilting. I think I'll probably have my long-arm quilter baste it and then machine quilt in the ditch, outline and diagonal lines through the border. Since I'm only a few blocks into this, I have lots of time to contemplate it!

  6. Hi Kathleen,

    I am still ages away from quilting but my personal feeling is that after having so much time hand-appliqueing, I really want to handquilt the piece (not that it is sacrilegous to machine quilt, but for me, such a historical quilt, albeit made in the 21st century, just calls for hand work).
    I have decided to make my quilt smaller than the original with just 12 blocks and the border, so it should be manageable. I am a stab quilter and I am quite fast at it. My plan is to shadow quilt the background and highlight quilt details in the blocks themselves.

    Greetings from the Rhine,


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