Monday, December 20, 2010

2nd block

Hi CW brides, My second block is done! Yippie. I changed it around a bit, because the bird looked like a dead bird falling from the sky. Then my daughter noticed that the grapes where growing in the wrong direction so I had to change those too. But I'm pleased with the outcome. Love working on this qult. Every block is like a minature painting. I've come across some Baltimore album blocks but these CWBQ block intrigue me much more. So if any of you know some other patterns like this CWBQ I'm all ears. Happy Holidays from a cold, brrrrr, and very white, yes we have snow!, Holland Lorene


  1. Very pretty bluebird, he contrasts so nicely next to those grapes. I like the fabric variety of your leaf colors also. You are going to enjoy each and every block.
    Happy Stitching,

  2. Lorene,

    I love the block ... I especially like the leaf fabric. Great choices. My husband made the same observations about the grapes and the bird. In fact, he referred to it as my "dead bird falling from the sky block" so I changed the orientation also and was much more pleased with the block. Plus he shut up! ;)

    Check out there are some wonderful applique patterns on their web site that include the applique. Maybe not to the extent as with the CWB but they are great quilt patterns nonetheless.

    Happy holidays to you also!



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