Friday, December 17, 2010

Civil War Bride Quilt Block #4

So far in this CWB journey, the vines have dictated the tone and nature of the block. A lovely browny-greeny fabric was my choice for the vine and somehow or another this block became very Tuscan in nature. A French honeymoon, perhaps? Mary in Tennessee


  1. Boy, you have been busy. Love the fact that your bird is not in the dropping down dead position. I'm also working on this block and have it flying away in the top right corner.

  2. Lorene, I wonder if the block wasn't accidentally stitched upside down in the original quilt and the maker just never got around to correcting her error. Or, perhaps the bird is meant to be dead. Now that's a macabre thought! Thanks for your kind words about my blocks. On a personal note, my family name of Stuyvesant reflects my Dutch heritage. As the only girl, the name died out when I married, at least in my particular line.

  3. Lorene, what I meant to say is "As the only child and a girl..."


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