Friday, December 17, 2010

Each block is so different, but are harmonious set beside each other. To keep track of all the fabrics used to make this quilt, I'm setting each fabric aside in a drawer. So far none have been duplicated, but that will change - that beloved poison green is bound to make a reappearance. Block #6 is under construction, but must set it aside to complete a quilt for a March 2011 wedding. Making these CWB blocks is such a joyful experience. I love quilting, especially applique, but never has any other project held so much appeal as this one. Mary in Tennessee


  1. I love them, the colours really sing, they are very pretty, well done. Ann in N.Z.

  2. Mary,

    Just love all of your beautiful blocks together. Yes, you are right, this quilt is so addicting and every block is a treasure on it's own and when we put them together, well they sing. Corny, I know, though I am sure that I am not the only person who feels this way.


  3. Mary,
    Your blocks are so beautiful, the colors do go well together. I also have enjoyed every stitch of this quilt.

    Happy Stitching,

  4. Mary,

    I love the blocks. I especially like the grouping of birds you added to the first block. It makes it seems more "alive" than just a vase with flowers.

    And I too have been feeling some pressure to put my work aside due to an upcoming wedding ... but I have until October 2011. My neice is much more contemporary so that quilt will definitely be a change from the CWB.


  5. Mary,
    It's nice to see your beautiful blocks on the CWB blog. I have finally started my first one after months & months of having the pattern. You inspired me to get going on it.
    Sherry at LL in TN


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