Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting started ..

The (first) difficult part was choosing the background fabric. Chosen a new Kaffe Fassett pattern called Folk Art!
Just loved the bright green and pink. I wanted to give the CWB a kind of a modern twist. Have apples to be red? I don't know. The second block is already finished. Why did I chose a greenish background? How difficult it is to create some kind of contrast with the background. The bride is also almost finished, only some embroidery to be done ...
When I look at the first 3 blocks together somehow block 1 does not fit in. I think I will make a second version, I also would like to include a block with the groom. When all the blocks are finished (yes I am very optimistic) I will choose the right ones. What do you think?


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love your blocks with a new modern twist.

  2. I LOVE the background fabric!! I was lost in it trying to see all the images!! It will definitely give it a modern look and also create additional interest. It might give you some challenges with finding the contrast with all the leaves in the pattern, but it is lovely!! And blocks 2 & 3 - you did find enough contrast so don't regret your decison about that wonderful background fabric.

    I also like the look of the fussy cut flowers. They seem to pop off the block. You did a great job choosing the fabrics. It can be difficult making something go "old to new" but you are doing a great job.

    My advice (I know you didn't ask for it but) ... don't make a second block 1 just yet. Make several more blocks, put them all side by side and then decide how it fits in with the others. I felt the same way about some of my blocks but have been pleased with how they all go together once I have them side by side. I bet you will find ways to pull some of those block 1 fabrics into other blocks.

    Wonderful start!


  3. Oh my gosh!! I went back to review your blocks again after my post ... the skirt of the bride is 3D ... there are pleats at the waist and it is dimensional. That is wonderful!


  4. Gorgeous blocks Ineka, I agree with Judy, wait and see what a few more look like before you throw it out...
    Welcome to the bride blog..

  5. Well, there you have it, wait - before making another .... continue on.... yes your quilt looks different from most brides but it is easy to see it is a CWB - like you say - with a modern twist.,, so on you march and "keep us posted" (with pics).

  6. Ineke,
    I like your blocks, I agree with the others keep going and see how they look together. The bride block is so cute with her dimensional skirt. When I first saw your pictures I thought it was Broderie Perse, nice fussy cutting. Nice blanket stitch applique also. You are doing a fun variation of this quilt.
    Happy Stitching,

  7. I simply love your colour choices !!

  8. Hoi Ineke,
    Love the way your flowers pop! And I'm so happy to see that your use blanket stitch around instead of applique. As you know I use x-stich around the edges and I'm glad that someone else is also doing it in a different way.

  9. Thank you for your comments and yes Judy I will not make a second block 1 yet ..... And Lorene send me an email if you like (Breda is only half an hour drive away from Tilburg)
    My bride is in 3D I love it :)

  10. love your blocks. Are you using fusible and then blanket stitch or are you turning the seam and then blanket stitching over the finished seam?

  11. Anonymous I use fusible (steam a seam lite) then blanket stitch.
    Happy new year ...

  12. What fun blocks! No, apples do not have to be red! I agree with others to make more blocks first before deciding whether or not to redo block 1. I am using a pale green background for my blocks and and happy to see someone else also using green.

  13. Ineke,

    great idea to us completely unexpected colors and fabrics. This intereting twist makes this classic a real eye-catcher. Hope to see more soon...

    Greetings from the Rhine,


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