Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi applique friends, While surfing the web I came across another blog group this is working on Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt. Here's the link: This looks like a another quilt to work on. I'm still looking for the same type of quilt as the CWBQ. This quilt gives me the feeling that I am creating a work of art. I can't draw at all and while chosing the right colors and tracing the patterns it gives me the feeling that I'm really creating something! All the block are little works of art and tell a story, like the bride block. They are not all geometic shapes but little pictures in themselves. Am I making any sense? So if any of you know of another quilt/blog group let me know! Lorene, greeting from a cold brrr and white Holland, yea it's snowing!!!!


  1. Just what I need, another must-do project. VBG I also have my eye on Sue Garman's magnificent, superb BAQ scheduled as a BOM on the Quakertown site in January. So many quilts, so little time. LOL. Mary in cloudy, drizzly Tennessee

  2. I'm waiting to start CWB when I finished my Circuit Rider blocks :-) -- but I also have "Roseville" waiting in the wings. You can look at it here: (on one blog, a gal is doing hers in repros, and it's gorgeous! :-D). I can't wait to start CWB and Roseville!! :-) OH! and I've been eagerly awaiting the SUE Garman Baltimore Album! Oh my!!! :-D
    Mary Lou

  3. I'm almost ashamed that I call myself a quilter after looking at your blog and quilt gallery! You are amazing!


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