Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Blocks

That strawberry block must have been the one to do for the holidays. I also completed mine between visits with family and other activities these last several weeks. But I congratulate Cheri on thinking of the wool for the tops!! I struggled over mine to get the points sharp ... many are not as sharp as I would like but I am overall satisfied with the outcome (after redoing several that is). I thought about the wool after I was all done ... and I had already used wool for all the bird feet with those skinny toes.
I had completed two other blocks between Thanksgiving and Christmas but haven't had the time to get photos and put them on the blog. I have included them. I have left white paper on the tips of the leaves that wander into the neighboring block. That is my reminder to not sew them into the seams when I attach my blocks.


  1. What beautiful blocks!! Your strawberries are so pretty and I love the flowers in the top block.

  2. All of your blocks are so pretty. I like the strawberry fabric, especially the pink plaid. Wool and ultrasuede are my best applique friends.

    Happy Stitching,


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