Friday, December 17, 2010

This is a picture of my enlargements done for the outer border. These got darker as I enlarged them so there is no detail. As you can see they are 7" wide. These will give you the outline for the animals and man. If any of you are interested in a copy of these I will gladly send one, just email me at with your info. Look back in older posts for the original quilt from November 11 & 12 posting Kerry and Lee (thanks for the great pictures) as it has very good image of the borders. Keep a picture of these for references. Hope this helps some of you. I haven't worked on the CWB in quite some time. Merry Christmas to all !!!


  1. Those enlargements are wonderful!! You got these from the pictures of the original shown on this blog?? I definately want to include these in my border - Thanks!!

  2. Julee,

    Thank you for going to the trouble to sending these along to us. I will be emailing you, as like Janet, I do want to include them in my borders.

    I had already printed out copies of the photos that Kerry and Lee posted. But I could enlarge them only so big on my home system. I greatly appreciate your generousity!



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