Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3rd block

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year and a super creative 2011. Here is my 3rd block. I absolutely love working on this quilt, don't know if I'll feel the same when I get to the block with all the leaves, but...we'll see!


  1. I love your birds Lorene, nice to see them in a different colour...

  2. Love your big yellow birds :) great feet/legs!

  3. Beautiful birds and flowers in nice colors. Nice job on the feet!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. Lorene, how cute are your golden ostriches! Great bird toes - those almost did me in on this block. Love your cross stitch applique.
    Happy Stitching,

  5. Lorene,
    Once again, a great block. I just left a comment on "glorious applique" about the wonderful texture your cross stitch provided for that block and here it is again - wonderful texture for both the flowers and the birds. (Glad to see someone else who is working on two big applique projects at the same time ... princess feathers for me ... I was questioning my sanity for doing it).

    Don't get too worried about the blocks with all the leaves. Those blocks actually went well for me once i just hunkered down and did them. And my bet is they will look wonderful with your cross stitch technique.

    I have rotated blocks - lots of leaves and petals then something with larger pieces then back to lots of leaves and petals. Good luck!


  6. Love the colours and the stitching around each piece.Well done and the leaves won't be as bad as you think.. just imagine how many different fabrics you can play with !

  7. lovely, I also really enjoy the different color scheme in this one. Real pretty!

    Greetings from the Rhine!

  8. very regal looking birds!


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