Saturday, January 29, 2011

Block 6

I really did not look forward to doing this block. It was so similar to block 2 and I thought it was a rather boring block. But as I was trimming it this evening I realized it is a nice block, so full of applique. I really liked the dark red and green buds. I saved it to last and it was a good finish for the blocks. I have been rearranging blocks on my pin up wall for a couple weeks now. I kind of like this layout with blocks 4 and 6 switched. I like the bride surrounded with the two similar blocks and I kind of like that bird flying up. Sorry about the lighting on the picture, it is late, there is a reflection from a mirror on the opposite wall on the BOP block and the two below it.
Any observations about this lay out are welcome, maybe swap blocks 2 and 4 so the blue flowers in 4 and 5 are not so close? It is all fun.
YEA, my blocks are finished!
I am starting on the borders!
Happy Stitching,


  1. Cheri, your blocks look great. You should not worry about the two blocks with the blue flowers together. I just really like it this way, all the leaves and flowers are a sort of jungle anyway so one block overgrows the other. The blue flows to the other block. The only thing I perhaps would consider to move is the strawberry block. The way it catches the light maybe it would look better more central. I know it will be like a domino-effect if you move one block .... Can't wait to see your quilt including the borders!

  2. Wow Cheri! What an accomplishment! Your blocks are so gorgeous!!! I like your block 6 - especially the blue flowers. :0) If you're asking for thoughts on your block arrangement - I noticed the strawberry block too - it reads a bit lighter than some of the other blocks. I think Ineke's idea of trying a more central spot for it is worth trying.

  3. Your quilt looks lovely Cheri. I like how you put the white edging on the tablecloth.

    I agree that your strawberry block reads a bit light.

    How hard would it be to try and maybe replace a couple of the lighter green leaves with something a bit darker. Then the placement would be great...just a thought

  4. did I miss your finish!! We should have a party! With 3 finished quilts on this site, this makes you number 4, right!!! OUTSTANDING accomplishment! I had my quilt posse help me with the placement. Every time they wanted to change the arrangement, I took a digital picture so I wouldn't forget them. We put them up on a wall and moved them around constantly. It is impossible not not have 2 with similar colors together. It helped me to squint with my eyes almost closed to determine if the quilt was balanced. It just has to please YOU! I love, love, LOVE this!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. Love the look of your quilt...absolutely wonderful


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