Friday, January 28, 2011


I finished my version of block#16. I changed the birds a lot in this one. I liked Susi's idea of turning them into bluebirds. It took several attempts to draw them. They needed to fill the available space while I was trying to make them look more like real Mountain bluebirds. In the end I remembered that this is a folk art quilt and then it was easier :0)
I thought I'd post a picture of my first 6 blocks together - they are in no particular order. I'm surprised at how bright they are. They are so fun to applique!! I have a good start on Block #1. It's different in that it's so symmetrical. I wonder if our bride made it first??


  1. Your blocks are wonderful........I really like your color scheme alot.Its not so bright,I like nuetrals.

  2. Oh Janet, the bluebirds are wonderful. You and Lorene (previous post) did a good job bringing more blue into the quilt, I love it. All of your blocks together look so good, very nice!
    Happy Stitching,

  3. Beautiful. I love seeing how different everyones blocks are, and it's fun to see fabrics from my collection being used.

  4. Janet, I love you Bluebirds. Your blocks look fantastic together.


  5. Janet,

    I love your blue, bluebirds. Especially the light blue. It makes your block pop. Love that word and it's exactly the right word to describe what happens with the blue in your block.

  6. Janet, your bluebirds are fabulous and all the blocks set together have a wonderful blueness to them. Great work!

  7. Janet,
    I love the blue birds! I have always liked the layout of this block (the branches and leaves, etc) but really disliked the "vulture type" look of the birds. You did a great job of salvaging the integrity of the block but making it something less dismal/dreary. And I agree with the group, the blue fabrics you have chosen does make the grouping pop.


  8. Fabulous birds! They bring beauty and happiness to the block (for some reason, I always think of happy little bluebirds when I think of brides!) All of your blocks look great all together!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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