Monday, January 17, 2011

Fabric choice

Hello all,
I never do anything easy..
this will be the first all applique quilt that I have every tried..
any applique that I have done before has been just a little here and there on any other quilt
I have chosen fabric...(the camera doen't do it justice)...all civil war
the beige paisley will be the background fabric
Off I go...I will post as soon as I have some progress...

With needle in hand,


  1. Lolita, these are lovely. Very nice background...
    I had to smile, as you will most likely see many of your picks in my CWB as well.
    Happy appliquing! Can't wait to see your blocks as you get them finished.

  2. Lovely fabric Lolita, yes, there are some of the same in mine too...

  3. Beautiful fabric choices. Your quilt will be terrific. Enjoy the journey!

  4. Your fabric selections make me weak at the knees...gorgeous stuff!!! Just have to add your blog to my list - what great fun to watch all the progress.

  5. Hi Lolita with the needle,
    LOVE your background fabric. I'm sure that you
    will enjoy this journey, I'm addicted!

  6. Your fabrics are lovely. You will have fun with these blocks!

  7. I have most of these fabrics.......but I am not doing this quilt,lol!Cant wait to see when you have some blocks going.


Thanks to everyone that is following our journey with the Civil War Bride Quilt. We love to read your comments and appreciate your encouragement...............