Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Rearranging

The strawberry block is a little lighter than the others, I am not sure if it helps to move it in the center of the quilt. You are probably right Sandi, I am going to have to add some darker leaves, or add some darker color to some of the leaves with fabric pens.
I enjoy all the comments and good ideas. It really helps to take some pictures and see them in the posts, you see thing you do notice in person.


  1. Well done Cheri, I love it. I think the strawberry block will be fine once it's quilted but I like the idea of using a fabric pen to darken the leaves...

  2. Cheri, love the new placement of the strawberry block, your blocks look all great.

  3. Cheri,
    First let me say "congratulations" on getting all your blocks done. I am slightly envious as I am still 7 blocks away from finishing mine.

    I like your last arrangment ... with strawberry block in row 3/position 2. And I like the way the flowers frame your bride on both sides and from below with the vase. The corners are anchored nicely with the top vases and the bottom birds. Fantastic!

    Can't wait to see your borders! By the way .. love the sheep that are replacing Hannibal the elephant.


  4. I think the strawberry block works better now that's not on the edge. Such lovely blocks - I'm going to get there too - eventually... :0)

  5. i think your strawberry block looks great in the middle of row two,congratulations for being ready to sew all the blocks ,by the way,have fun with the border,susi

  6. Boy you guys are really good with your tips. I didn't notice the lighter leaves on the strawberries but Ineke is right they are a bit on the light side. The fabric pen idea is a great one, saves you having to replace the lighter leaves. Great job, how does it feel having the blocks done, what an accomplishment!

  7. Your last arrangement looks the best. If you don't ink the leaves you could replace just a few of them with little darker green fabric and it will look more blended. It is easier to change the block now before you go any further and if you don't it will always drive you crazy...even if don't do anything, it is still a beautiful quilt.

  8. Cheri,
    wow, your quilt looks absolutely stunning! I like the placement of the strawberries between the bride and the table as well. You're right, the block is a .little light compared to the others but I think in this arrangement, it is evened out and very symmetrical. Great work!

    Greetings from the Rhine,

  9. Wow congratulations Cheri, all blocks finished. I'm sure it will all look perfect once the quilt is finished, where ever you put the strawberries.

  10. Wonderful!! I love the placement of the strawberries in the centre. It seems to accentuate the bird-blocks either side, and the bride and table blocks. It doesn't seem too light that way.


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