Monday, January 10, 2011

My latest Block

Just completed my third block today. This has been the quickest one to complete because the pieces are larger and a lot less.
Onto the next one...


  1. what a beautiful vase!!!love that fabric,have a nice day,susi

  2. lovely fabric for your vase it looks like a little flower basket

  3. How lovely, Celia! I love the fabric you chose for your block. Will look forward to seeing your next one.

  4. Celia,
    Your vase is spectacular. Love the cute yellow butterfly.

  5. Hi Celia,

    Great job on your block...I love your vase treatment. I remember doing this one and thinking it looked naked after doing some of the busier blocks. I remember I was tempted to add stuff to this block! Glad I didn't. It really helped balance the whole thing when all was said and done, and it gave the eye somewhere to "rest" when it was darting all over the quilt, trying to take everything in! Keep up the great work!

    A year ago this month I was really pushing myself to finish this quilt to try and have it finished in time for a May quilt show in my area. Happy memories! You will make it, just keep working!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I'll be cutting out the pieces for the next one today.

  7. That's lovely Celia, I love the soft colours in this one, very pretty..

  8. Very pretty vase, very pretty block, love the overall look.
    Happy Stitching,

  9. Hi Celiea,

    the effect on the vase is really stunning. It looks like lattice work! Beautiful colors in the block! Me like!

    Greetings from the Rhine,

  10. Your vase caught my eye! It's a great fabric choice, and it really enhances your quilt block.

  11. Lovely vase, sets the pretty blue and pink flowers off beautifully.

  12. Beautiful block. I love the way you have done the vase!


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