Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Down, Two to Go

I have the two side borders completed, and just have the top and bottom border to go. The borders seem to be going pretty fast, they really have less leaves than some of the individual blocks.

I am starting to think a lot about how I am going to quilt this.

The finish line is getting nearer.

Happy Stitching,


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upside down bird?

Here is my block 4. I realize that it is upside down from the original, but my friend and I both think the bird looks upside down that way so we have both decided to turn it. Has anyone else done that?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another newbie to be

Hello, i'm a quilter from Belgium and not so good at computerstuff. Last summer i bought the civil war bride pattern from threadbear. I was literally dreaming about it so have to make it. But time flies as you all know and for now the only thing i am doing about is, is dreaming, stewing and brewing. Sometimes it acts up and that is when i bought the background last week. For my taste it is quite neutral - i've been thinking about shirtings, 1 or multiple, or a whole other color. But in the end i thought that maybe due to the amount of applique i should go for this classic behaviour. I would like to do it in repro's and repro-like (i think for now) By the way, i absolutely love this blog and all the different ideas i read about when i discovered this. Have fun

Here comes the bride

I have really enjoyed the creative ways that other people have done this block. Mine is pretty true to the original, but I enjoyed stitching her! I used a Pigma pen for her features, but I may use a strand of embroidery thread later.

Block 2

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My first block!

I am doing the blocks in order and just completed number 10. Today I trimmed them all to size and was really nervous about that! What I decided to do was to make a template out of freezer paper cut to size with the 1/4" seam allowance drawn around it. I was able to press it down to each block and was able to see that everything fit within that area. Then I used my ruler to cut. They all came out great. My plan is to go ahead and sew the first 10 together....Can't wait til I get to 20. I am posting block one. I took all the pictures before I trimmed so they are not cut to size in the pictures.


I have finally finished block 13 after many months of frustration; maybe something in the number?! I have redone the vase three times, redone multiple leaves as I wasn't happy with them and then struggled over that darn ghiordes knot the pattern recommends for the table fringe. My fringe was WAY too fluffy and tended to stick out from the block and I was not a happy quilter. Several tries later, I finally settled on a loose statin stitch and a backstitch along the edge of the fabric. My husband said it reminds him of his grandmother's tableclothes so I guess that it will work. It will have to work as I am done with this block!
Block 12 went much more smoothly, just took time because of all the leaves. Seemed rather bright to me but it goes nicely with the other blocks. I worked on this block to easy my frustration with block 13 ... breathe in ... breathe out ... applique a leaf or flower.... and so on.
Now I am on to block 14 ... a restful peacock and flowers. At least I hope that is the case.
P.S. I'm still working on this "posting" thing so forgive the odd layout of the photos. I will probably finally get it down once the quilt is done.
Judy E in OK

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am totally new to blogging. I have been reading this blog since I started my own Civil War Bride Quilt four months ago. It has been so inspiring to see what everyone has done. I am working on block 8 right now and have 1-7 finished. I hope to post some pictures this weekend.


Hello everyone!!!!!!
I wanted to post a picture of my progress...hasn't been very much,due to the fact that I have had an injured thumb for the past 6-7 weeks...and some days are worse than others....
Anyway here is what I have do far...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Block 11 Bird and Nest

I finally had time to take a picture of my first finished (almost) block. I am waiting on a piece of ultrasuede so that I can do the dreaded feet. I love this block. It looks very springlike to me. I am prepping block 6. Wow what a lot of leaves. Can't wait to see how that one turns out. Mari in a very soggy Santa Monica.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

I finished block #1. It's my 7th block. I haven't done them in order - I have too much fun deciding on the next block to make. This block makes me wonder - Why include this one symmetrical block amongst all the others? I'm excited to make the Bride block next - it's such a pretty block. I hope I can do it justice. Happy Quilting!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My fourth block

I finished my fourth block yesterday. It wasn't a hard block to do, but I struggled with the feet which I may redo later on. I embroidered the beak and the eye.
I've started the next block and that one will take a lot more work to complete.

Hello From Santa Monica, CA

Hi, my name is Mari Linfesty. I live in Santa Monica, CA. I have been following the Civil War Bride Quilt blog for ages. I bought the pattern last year and have been trying to find time to start the first block. I recently went on a cruise with my mom and was able to complete block 11. The single bird with the nest. I had so much fun. I will post a photo after I take one. I have been quilting since my 18th birthday, I learned how to quilt from Mary Ellen Hopkins who wrote the series of It's Okay to Sit on My Quilt books. She was the best person to learn how to quilt from. Absolutely dynamic woman. I make many different styles of quilts but lately I have been making Story Quilts based on Mary Lou Weidmans style of quilting. She too is a great person to take classes from, don't miss a chance if she ever comes to your neighborhood. I am married to a great guy who encourages my quilting obsession.(I encourage his muscle car obsession.) We have two sons, Jake 12 1/2 and Nick 11. I was an elementary school teacher for years before I had my boys and currently am a stay at home mom and chauffeur. Both of my boys sew when the desire hits them and I love having them in my sewing room. I am currently working on getting all the pieces together to start my next block which will be block #6. I am trying to do one easy block and then one leaf block. There are a lot of leaves on block #6! I look forward to sharing my progress with all of you. I do have to say though, I cannot believe how gorgeous your blocks are turning out. I hope that I can do the same with mine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blocks 6 & 7

Finished blocks 6 and 7. Made a huge error with block 6, can you spot it? A hint: look at the loose lila leaves left and right. Yep I made a mirror image! Don't know how it happened, stitching the leaves and flowers on it felt strange, why don't they fit exactly? I decided to leave it as it is, I hope there are more of you making mistakes and even an unperfect quilt can be my beautiful quilt.
Block 7 was heaven to create, I did not bother about hens or male birds, just chose the fabric I liked. The butterfly is half stitched.
The European/Dutch weather is beautiful for quilting, still a mild night frost. So we are quilting on ....

Monday, February 7, 2011

I am a Newbie!

I am having trouble posting. Had to write this and paste it into the comment area. Maybe that is why it has been so quite on here? I just joined and ordered my pattern. Looking forward to receiving it!

Where is everyone?

I hope everyone in Australia is okay since the cyclone. I've been reading this blog for quite a while now and it's never been this quiet. Have I cleared the room? lol