Monday, February 21, 2011

Another newbie to be

Hello, i'm a quilter from Belgium and not so good at computerstuff. Last summer i bought the civil war bride pattern from threadbear. I was literally dreaming about it so have to make it. But time flies as you all know and for now the only thing i am doing about is, is dreaming, stewing and brewing. Sometimes it acts up and that is when i bought the background last week. For my taste it is quite neutral - i've been thinking about shirtings, 1 or multiple, or a whole other color. But in the end i thought that maybe due to the amount of applique i should go for this classic behaviour. I would like to do it in repro's and repro-like (i think for now) By the way, i absolutely love this blog and all the different ideas i read about when i discovered this. Have fun


  1. Hi Francoise,
    Welcome to the group, I thought we already had a Francoise from Belquim, but I guess that name is pretty common there. Like your background fabric and can't wait to see what your blocks will look like. Get started and let us see.
    Greetings, groetjes, from Lorene in Holland

  2. I'm the same person. And also the red background on glorious appliqué. But now in the winter i'm mostly handquilting for my son, which explains my slowliness on appliquéing now that it is still cold. I don't like quilting when it is warm.

  3. I really like your choice of background fabric. I think it is similar in tone to what I am using. Welcome to the blog. I am a newbie, too. It is so interesting to see what others have done. So many beautiful approaches to the same blocks!

  4. Francoise,
    I love the background fabric that you choose for the CWB. I think that with all the other fabrics that will come into play, this wonderful neutral will work out great. I am also doing mine in repro fabrics - I am doing the BOM from Common Threads - and all those wonderful fabrics and colors work nicely on a neutral background. I did change mine backgournd from the one they provide though. Keep going and good luck!


  5. I would love to make it. Homestead Hearth used to do it as BOM which would have been good for me as choosing the fabric is the hardest. Does anyone know of someone doing it as BOM as I need all the help I can get. Contact me at This is one of my most favorite blogs!


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