Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have finally finished block 13 after many months of frustration; maybe something in the number?! I have redone the vase three times, redone multiple leaves as I wasn't happy with them and then struggled over that darn ghiordes knot the pattern recommends for the table fringe. My fringe was WAY too fluffy and tended to stick out from the block and I was not a happy quilter. Several tries later, I finally settled on a loose statin stitch and a backstitch along the edge of the fabric. My husband said it reminds him of his grandmother's tableclothes so I guess that it will work. It will have to work as I am done with this block!
Block 12 went much more smoothly, just took time because of all the leaves. Seemed rather bright to me but it goes nicely with the other blocks. I worked on this block to easy my frustration with block 13 ... breathe in ... breathe out ... applique a leaf or flower.... and so on.
Now I am on to block 14 ... a restful peacock and flowers. At least I hope that is the case.
P.S. I'm still working on this "posting" thing so forgive the odd layout of the photos. I will probably finally get it down once the quilt is done.
Judy E in OK


  1. Well your time was very well spent, these are two beautiful blocks. I love the bright colors in block 12. For some reason I had to do the vase in block 13 three times also.
    Happy Stitching,

  2. I think the tablecloth works great! It looks really antique!! I love it, and your other block is lovely too. Success with the next one. I am hopefully starting my next block this week.

  3. Love the table frings. Is it not a shame you cannot look at your own blocks like somebody else does? sometimes the only thing you see is your own frustration, and you point out the little things which you think do not look right. The blocks are just gorgeous!! Love the table, a real antique.
    You have beaten the 13th.

  4. Hi Judye,

    Congratulations on two lovely blocks. As someone who is just coming to this site to see what people are creating I must say I like your fabric choices and colours.

    Very nicely done, love the budding flowers and the table leg fabric is a great choice.

    Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

  5. The cloth looks fabulous, I loved doing this block. Well all except the legs, they were painful, but I love the cherries and I think I actually added some extra, probably got carried away :o)

  6. Very beautiful blocks... keep going.

  7. Hi judye,
    Love the orange flowers in your block. Who would have thought to combine orange and pink? Turned out great. I'll have to remember that combination.
    Love your tablecloth edge.

  8. I really like the way you did the tablecloth... it looks like real fringe... awesome job

  9. Well, thank you everybody for your gracious comments. It makes me feel better. Ineke, you are probably right ... it is shame we are our own worst critics... but hearing comments from everyone does make you look at the blocks again in a different light. And start to appreciate them the way others may appreciate them.


  10. Your blocks are both very pretty! Your block 13 is beautiful - the fringe on the tablecloth is perfect in my opinion. I'm not much of an embroiderer so I'm procrastinating about that block :0)


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