Monday, February 7, 2011

I am a Newbie!

I am having trouble posting. Had to write this and paste it into the comment area. Maybe that is why it has been so quite on here? I just joined and ordered my pattern. Looking forward to receiving it!


  1. Now I can write in the comment area that is below my post. But could not write in the comment area in a New Post box. I had to type it in a Word document then copy and paste it into new post box.

  2. Welcome, welcome!! Glad to see someone else on the journey. It's been quiet here, but probably because everyone is working hard. It is difficult trying to find balance between blogging and working on something to blog about.

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  3. Hi Blinky,
    Welcome to this great journey. Like Theresa said, it's been quiet here on this blog. Have great time picking your fabrics, oh this is such fund!

  4. Hi Blinky and welcome,

    yes, it's been a little quiet here recently. I was also hibernating and just began stitching on my second to last block again. I guess everyone was busy over the holidays, then New Years and floods and fires in Australia (and here in Germany), whacky ice storms in the U.S.... Here, the semester is drawing to a close so I will have more time again to quilt soon and then I'll post again and let you all know how I progress on my Bride... So, I guess everything is going to be bac to normal again soon...

    Enjoy making your Bride!
    Greetings from the Rhine,


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