Sunday, February 13, 2011

My fourth block

I finished my fourth block yesterday. It wasn't a hard block to do, but I struggled with the feet which I may redo later on. I embroidered the beak and the eye.
I've started the next block and that one will take a lot more work to complete.


  1. love your block and fabrics!

  2. love the colour of your bird, it is sitting in the right tree, camouflaged by the flowers, clever bird ...

  3. Hi Celia,
    You chose the greatest fabric for the bird, he's a scotish pheasant and it looks like he's walking up the branch, how cute!

  4. I really like the plaid fabric for the bird also, and nice variety of leaf fabric. Pretty block!
    Happy Stitching,

  5. Your block is wonderful! I wouldn't have thought to use plaid for a bird but I love it. I find the feet tricky too. Would it encourage you if I said the feet get easier as you do more? :0)

  6. I agree with the group - love the plaid bird.

    I admit that I took the easy way out with those darn feet. My applique skills are not that good to sew those toes and I wanted this project to remain fun and not stressful ... so I used wool for the applique feet. But I think you did a great job with them!

    Can't wait to see the next block.


  7. I love your block! Especially the fabric you used for the bird!

  8. Fabulous block Celia, I love the colours and the plaid bird is adorable..


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