Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hello everyone!!!!!!
I wanted to post a picture of my progress...hasn't been very much,due to the fact that I have had an injured thumb for the past 6-7 weeks...and some days are worse than others....
Anyway here is what I have do far...


  1. How frusterating to have an injured thumb - I hope it'll be healed soon.
    Your block #1 looks great so far - I love the fabrics you are using.

  2. Hi Lolita,
    What a bummer to be injured in such a way that you can't work on your favorite pasttime. Much easier to break your foot, it leaves the hands more than capable of stitching away! This block will be great once you start stitching. Love the background fabric.

  3. Hope that thumb heals soon Lolita, love the colours in the block..


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