Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upside down bird?

Here is my block 4. I realize that it is upside down from the original, but my friend and I both think the bird looks upside down that way so we have both decided to turn it. Has anyone else done that?


  1. The bird does look like it's flying up to eat a wonderful great. It might be wrong, but know one would think so.

  2. The important thing is that that birds is oriented towards getting a big bite of not bitter grapes! What lovely work.

  3. Hi Jane,

    I think that almost everyone turned the dead bird dying the other way around. No one want a dead thing on this otherwise happy quilt! Isn't this a
    fun quilt to work on, so addictive!

  4. Jane,
    Lorene is right ... lots of us have turned that "dead bird falling from the sky" the other direction. Additionally, this way the grapes are growing down-ish instead of up (that was another of my husband's complaints besides the "dead bird"). I have wondered if our original quilter put it in wrong and didn't realize it until after the top was completed. (I certainly have done that before when piecing blocks together.) Or maybe the bird falling from the sky represents the missing groom lost in battle. Ha! What fanciful and romantic suppositions we can make about this wonderful quilt! Guess we will never know.

    Keep those great blocks coming and always feel free to make it "your quilt" as the rest of us have done.


  5. Love the block in this position. I just might try it myself. Love the colors and I bet you were a professional circle maker after all of those grapes were completed. Very nicely done!



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